exceed.ai Update: Personalized Emails!


Written by Ilan Kasan

Co-founder and CEO at Exceed.ai.

Mar 13, 2018

With exceed.ai, you are now able to create personalized emails to effectively connect with your various target audiences according to their specific attributes. Need to reach out to people in Insurance, Tech, and Media? We got you covered!For example, it’s difficult to connect with customers when they do not all belong to the same industry. It demands customization and time-consuming effort to be relevant for each customer. The new personalization capability allows you to create tailored email versions that speak directly to each target audience and provide them with valuable information that you can offer their company, resulting in higher response rates.personalized_demo_exceedaiYou will be able to make as many variants as you wish and can segment the target under any Industry.

Follow-up emails can also be customized to keep the conversation in context.

exceed.ai allows sales teams to qualify more opportunities into the pipeline by automating lead capturing, qualifying and nurturing. exceed.ai’s AI-powered sales assistant engage leads with intelligent two-way personalized conversations over email (inbound and outbound) and chat.

To sign up for a demo, click here!

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