Why Choose Exceed.ai Over Conversica?

Compare Conversica to Exceed.ai
to determine which is the best solution for your business

“We picked Exceed over Conversica due to its flexibility to personalize, configure, and optimize the playbooks to our needs”

Amelia Baker

Chief Marketing Officer, YMCA

Looking for Conversica Alternative?
Here is what you need to know:


You want to automatically engage 100% of your prospects, nurture them, and qualify leads, then schedule meetings for your reps, efficiently and at scale.

Exceed.ai and Conversica are the industry leaders for automated lead engagement and follow up, but there are significant differences in pricing and features that need to be looked at to find the right fit for your business requirements.

Exceed.ai is the industry leader with the best Return On Investment (ROI) by offering:

  • Intelligent email, website chatbot, and SMS communication
  • Simple set up and configuration with support from our team
  • Flexible terms such as proof of concepts
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Unlimited customized email sequences
  • Dedicated customer success representative to ensure your ROI

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conversica exceed.ai
Website chatbot Unlimited
AI email assistant
Use cases Limited, pay for additional Unlimited
Customize email copy and sequence Fully customizable
Continuous AI learning
Custom qualification questions
Auto meeting scheduler Requires 3rd party
Data is based on an analysis from Q2, 2021

The ideal Exceed customer


You do (or plan to do) high volume lead engagement by email or website chat

Your goal is to get more qualified leads into your sales pipeline

You want to ensure every lead is followed-up with and qualified, increasing your team’s efficiency

You’re looking for a scalable system to match your team’s growth

You want a more efficient team and to cut out the mundane, repetitive tasks that waste their time

You prefer having a flexible system that you can customize to your needs

“We picked Exceed over Conversica for its intuitive user experience, superior AI, easy setup and the fact it comes with both website chat and a meeting scheduler”

Omer Tadjer

Chief Executive Officer, Comeet.co

Exceed.ai offers these unique features 


conversica exceed.ai
Customize email copy
Create unique playbooks
Qualify leads with questions
A/B Testing
Persona based conversations
Schedule meetings for sales reps
Objection handling
Based on an analysis from Q2, 2021

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When to choose Exceed Vs Conversica

Exceed.ai is a good fit when you need unlimited use cases for your marketing & sales teams 

An “all in one” platform you can use to engage incoming and CRM leads with automated two way conversations over chat, email and SMS, and schedule qualified meetings right in your sales reps’ calendars

Built with flexibility in mind, Exceed.ai lets you apply it for many different use cases, with full control on the copy and email sequence to optimize your sequences

Conversica is good if you do not require customizations and are looking for standard email templates to engage leads

Conversica also tends to work if your customers don’t require qualification before handing them over to Sales

User reviews: Exceed vs Conversica

Read on G2 review site why marketing and sales leaders love Exceed.

conversica exceed.ai
User rating  4.4/5  4.9/5
Meets requirements
Ease of setup
Product direction
Artificial Intelligence
Lead qualification
Opportunity management
Data entry
Sales conversion