TextAI: The Ultimate SMS AI Solution for Marketers

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Written by Novakovic Spasimir

Nov 9, 2023

As smartphone usage skyrockets, so does the potential for SMS marketing, creating a golden opportunity for businesses to engage their audiences. 

However, this shift also introduces new challenges for sales and marketing teams. Managing high volumes of SMS communications, ensuring personalized customer engagement, and maintaining regulatory compliance can become overwhelming tasks. 

This is where TextAI, our ultimate AI-powered SMS solution for marketers, comes into play. 

In this blog post, we will delve into how TextAI can REVOLUTIONIZE your SMS marketing strategies.

We’ll explore how AI can be harnessed to deliver highly personalized campaigns and ensure compliance, all while making your marketing efforts more efficient and effective. 

So, let’s dive into the future of SMS marketing with TextAI.

Introducing Exceed’s TextAI 

As the world becomes increasingly mobile-centric, businesses face the challenge of maintaining direct and consistent communication with their customers. 

This shift towards mobile communication has left many sales and marketing teams grappling with how to engage their audience on this new platform effectively.

Recognizing these challenges, Exceed has unveiled its: TextAI.

TextAI expands communication capabilities beyond email and chat, incorporating SMS interactions into the suite of features. 

Using this advanced AI technology, marketers can utilize SMS to engage, nurture, qualify, and schedule meetings with leads through personalized, human-like, two-way conversations.

But what truly sets TextAI apart is its 24/7 availability. Irrespective of time zones or business hours, TextAI is always ready to interact with your leads. 

This means that a potential customer’s query at midnight gets the same immediate response as one sent during the day.

This level of constant engagement allows your marketing team to scale their lead conversion efforts significantly, ensuring that every lead is promptly and adequately attended to.

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TextAI – Example


Advantages of combining TextAI with Traditional Email 

TextAI is a powerful tool that capitalizes on the strengths of SMS messaging and adds a layer of intelligent automation, offering several advantages, especially in combination with e-mail.

Impressive Open Rates

Firstly, TextAI boasts an impressive open rate. 

While marketing emails struggle with an average open rate of 20%, TextAI harnesses the power of SMS messaging, which enjoys an almost perfect open rate of 98%. 

This means your message is almost guaranteed to be seen.

Swift Read and High Response Rate

Secondly, TextAI ensures your message doesn’t just get opened, it gets read promptly. 

About 95% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt, with most being read within 5 seconds. 

With TextAI, you can be confident your message will not only reach your audience but also grab their attention swiftly.

Additionally, TextAI encourages a dialogue rather than a monologue. With a response rate of 45%, it significantly outperforms email, which struggles with a mere 6% response rate. 

Two-Way Conversations and Response Times

This human-like, dialogue fosters stronger relationships with your leads, facilitating better engagement and conversion.

Lastly, TextAI capitalizes on the immediacy of SMS messaging. While it takes the average person 90 minutes to respond to an email, responses via TextAI come in just 90 seconds. 

This swift response time keeps the conversation flowing and helps maintain the lead’s interest.

In summary, TextAI leverages the power of SMS messaging to offer high open rates, fast read times, high response rates, and quick response times, making it a superior alternative to traditional email. 

As leads become increasingly mobile-focused, tools like TextAI are not just desirable – they’re essential.

text ai marketing - text ai - textai


Seamless Integration of TextAI in Marketing Sequences 

Marketing is no longer just about sending out a message, it’s about engaging with your audience, understanding their needs, and providing personalized experiences that resonate with them.

By seamlessly integrating TextAI into your marketing sequences, you can achieve SMS and email synergy that allows you to connect with your customers in a meaningful way.

SMS and Email Synergy

Exceed’s AI Intelligent Assistant, TextAI, brings a new level of flexibility and automation to your marketing sequences. 

It allows you to supplement email follow-ups with direct SMS conversations, creating a seamless communication experience for your leads. 

With TextAI, Exceed can understand and respond to SMS responses, qualify leads, and even schedule meetings directly from the SMS environment. 

This is particularly effective given that 75% of consumers express a preference for receiving brand offers via SMS. If this is where your customers are, it’s critical to meet them there.

Smart Response Analysis

However, TextAI doesn’t just enable multi-channel communication, it also adds a layer of intelligence to the process. 

Exceed’s AI assistant is capable of interpreting responses received over SMS, thereby streamlining the qualification process. 

It understands the intent behind the responses, qualifies leads based on their interactions, and even schedules meetings directly from within the SMS environment.

This smart response analysis eliminates the need for manual sorting and follow-up, saving businesses valuable time and resources. 

Finally, it ensures that no lead falls through the cracks and that every potential customer receives a timely and appropriate response.

SMS in Real-world Applications

Most lead generation via SMS occurs in the B2C sphere, highlighting the significant role it plays in reaching consumers directly. 

In fact, 75% of consumers express a desire to receive brand offers via SMS. 

For businesses, this preference signals an opportunity to engage customers in a medium they’re comfortable with and receptive to.

Use Case Analysis: Auto Dealerships

To illustrate the effectiveness of SMS in real-world applications, let’s consider the auto dealership sector. 

Buying a car is a monumental decision that involves considerable research, comparison, and contemplation. 

However, the queries that arise during this process are often straightforward, revolving around pricing, availability, colors, amenities, and so on.

These questions don’t necessitate extensive answers. In fact, most can be addressed within the 160-character limit of an SMS, making it an ideal communication medium for this context. 

By using SMS to engage leads, auto dealerships, and financial service companies can provide quick, precise responses, keeping the conversation fluid and the potential buyer engaged.

sms marketing - sms ai tool


The Multifaceted Role of SMS in Communication

The power of SMS isn’t limited to its conciseness. 

When integrated with email follow-ups, it forms part of a multi-channel communication strategy that offers leads the flexibility to choose their preferred mode of communication.

For instance, if a lead prefers SMS, they can ask all their questions through this channel. 

The sales conversation is likely to be faster and more direct, as SMS messages are less likely to be missed or ignored and more likely to be promptly responded to. 

Once the lead is ready to progress, a meeting or call can be scheduled via SMS using Exceed’s Smart Scheduler.

In essence, the entire lead qualification process can be conducted through TextAI, catering to an audience that prefers mobile communication. 

Conclusion: The SMS AI Revolution

By integrating TextAI into your marketing sequences, you can engage with your audience effectively, understand their needs, and provide personalized experiences. 

This tool bridges the gap between SMS and email, catering to your customers’ preferences and streamlining the qualification process. 

It offers high open rates, fast response times, and streamlined communication, making it superior to traditional email.

Book a demo and experience the benefits of smarter, more effective communication with TextAI. 

Let TextAI help you turn leads into loyal customers. Your future in marketing starts here.

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