Trends in enterprise lead generation for the New Normal

July 26, 2021

The year 2020 has been a challenging one. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected almost all industries. It is even estimated that by 2025, this terrible health problem will have cost the whole world between $16 trillion and $35 trillion.

Businesses all over the world have been heavily hit by the effects of numerous restrictive policies to control the spread of the virus. This is evidenced by the global economy shrinking by 4.4% in 2020 – the worst economic decline the modern world has seen since the Great Depression, which happened in the 1930s.

Fortunately, it looks like the world is slowly bouncing back from the pummeling it took in 2020. Businesses should be able to look at this economic recovery as an opportunity to ride the wave, so to speak. As businesses open, they will be keen on making up for the lost time. This is the time to strike.

Genesys to Reinvent the Customer Experience Across Enterprises

October 7, 2021

SAN FRANCISCOOct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Genesys®, a global cloud leader in customer experience orchestration, announced that it has entered into agreements to acquire Pointillist and to enhance its ability to deliver the power of empathy in every customer experience as it executes on the promise of Experience as a ServiceSM. Both transactions are expected to close before the end of the calendar year 2021.

Genesys pioneered Experience as a Service to help companies transform how they connect with customers and employees. In today’s experience economy, enabling interactions between customers and employees through a contact center isn’t enough. Companies need new technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to orchestrate end-to-end, meaningful experiences with the objective of driving trust and loyalty.

How Can Engage Your Leads and Improve Qualification Process

March 11, 2021

Are you looking for hyper-efficient tools to supercharge your lead engagement and qualification processes?

You are not alone.

Managing your leads manually will consume a huge chunk of your time while increasing your costs and decreasing your company’s productivity – the good ol’ manual process just simply won’t do.

The good news is, technology is changing daily business operations. Countless solutions online will let you automate and improve your manual, inefficient workflows.

Read on to uncover the gaps behind your unproductive lead engagement and qualification processes and how to overturn them with a cutting-edge solution. Helps SaaS Companies to Better Nurture and Qualify Leads

March 12, 2021

The SaaS economy has been steadily growing with more companies offering their products or services under the software-as-a-service model. According to Gartner’s forecasts, SaaS revenues are set to grow to $121 billion by 2021 and $141 billion by 2022.

SaaS companies deal with customers in a setup that may not be similar to what traditional businesses are accustomed to. The approaches in attracting customers that work with conventional businesses may not be as effective when it comes to marketing SaaS solutions, conducting sales, and providing excellent customer care.

The Robots are Coming! - An Interview with Ilan Kasan, CEO at Exceed AI

February 20, 2021

I sat down with Ilan Kasan, Co-founder and CEO at Exceed.AI to discuss automation and groundbreaking innovation in the field of artificial intelligence and how it impacts business.

Ishan Pandey: Hi Ilan Kasan, welcome to our series “Behind the Startup.” Please tell us about yourself and the story behind Exceed.AI?

Ilan Kasan: I started 4 years ago with my partner Yaron Ismah Moshe. Prior to Exceed, I lived in Silicon Valley, where I managed Cisco’s WebEx product line (what we all used before Zoom).

The idea behind Exceed stemmed from my experience at Cisco, coupled with my conviction that AI will change the way we work.

How Conversational AI Can Improve Lead Qualification

March 11, 2021

Most businesses struggle to accurately and efficiently qualify their leads. If you’re not qualifying them, you’re wasting your sales team’s time. If you’re taking too long on each lead, you aren’t using your marketers efficiently. 61% of B2B marketers send leads directly to sales, even though only around a quarter of those leads are qualified. How much time does your company spend on lead qualification and lead scoring? If you’re striving for growth, would your current process be sustainable at 5x, 10x, or 100x the current number of leads?

At high-growth companies, or any company that needs to qualify leads at scale, lead qualification is going to become an issue, and traditional systems can’t keep up. Fortunately, with the advent conversational AI tools like, lead-scoring through conversational marketing can be easier than ever. Companies like offer AI assistants that can engage your customers through natural conversations, qualify leads at scale, all at a fraction of the costs of hiring another human.

Top 25 Machine Learning Startups To Watch In 2021 Based On Crunchbase

January 10, 2021

Throughout 2020, venture capital firms continued expanding into new global markets, with London, New York, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Boston, Seattle and Singapore startups receiving increased funding. Out of the 79 most popular A.I. & ML startup locations, 15 are in the San Francisco Bay Area, making that region home to 19% of startups who received funding in the last year.

Israel’s Tel Aviv region has 37 startups who received venture funding over the last year, including those launched in Herzliya, a region of the city known for its robust startup and entrepreneurial culture. Please see the Roundup Of Machine Learning Forecasts And Market Estimates, 2020 for additional market research on A.I. and machine learning.

This AI-Powered Assistant Helps Marketing and Sales Teams Scale

January 14, 2021

With millions of their employees working from home during the pandemic, many companies have turned to AI  to improve their  and sales teams’ . Ilan Kasan, the co-founder of, says his team has built a comprehensive solution that automatically qualifies leads through email, webchat and SMS, making it easier for companies to scale. recently raised a $4 million-round and is projected to grow to $13.9 billion by 2025. Kasan spoke with  about how the technology works and shared his advice for improving marketing programs. Raises $4M Seed Round for AI Assistant that Automatically Qualifies Marketing Leads

December 10, 2020 has raised $4 million in funding for its AI-powered assistant that helps companies scale their marketing and sales operations by automatically qualifying leads through email, webchat, and SMS. Investors include Glilot Capital and West Fountain Global Fund in participation with angel investors like Alex Pinchev, former President of Red Hat and Gur Shomron, the Chairman of WalkMe. – Paving the Way for Future Sales and Marketing Teams with Automated AI Capabilities!

January 9, 2021

A conversion with Ilan Kasan of about the help his company gives to sales and marketing teams to exceed their goals with AI and Automation, during the challenging times of COVID-19 pandemic. 


Marketo Engage Users Can Now Automate Sales Development with Integration

December 3, 2019

Marketo Engage users can now use’s artificial intelligence (AI) to automate many of the basic email conversations that are manually handled by sales development teams.

According to Marketo, an Adobe company, 50 percent of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting and 80 percent of marketing leads are ignored. The wasted leads and sales time costs businesses an estimated $1 trillion per year.

The new integration is aimed towards solving this problem by ensuring 100% of leads get personalized follow-ups and fewer unqualified leads get passed to sales. Named Conversational AI "Hot Vendor" By Aragon Research

July 30, 2019 the AI-powered conversational assistant for marketing and sales, has been named a “Hot Vendor” in conversational AI by Aragon Research. Aragon Research’s Hot Vendor [1] report identifies innovative vendors who offer tools, platforms, or services to transform the relationship between enterprises and their customers.

AI-Powered Sales Assistant Announces New Machine Learning Capabilities to Answer Prospects' Questions, Reply to Objections and Inquiries

June 11, 2019 , an AI-powered sales assistant technology that automatically communicates with leads and enables sales reps to scale their efforts, announced today a new platform version with enhanced machine learning (ML) that continuously learns when to respond and how to best answer questions throughout the lead engagement and qualification process.

Top 10 AI Solutions for Sales 2019

May 24, 2019

One of the biggest challenges sales managers face is keeping up with the avalanche of information their sales technology tools collect day after day. When sales managers drown in information, their ability to make decisions atrophies and sales slow to a crawl.

Product Innovation: How the combo of AI and a Sales rep can increase sales productivity by +80%

February 19, 2019

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation in the sales & marketing space that has the power to increase sales productivity by over 80%, and my guest is Ilan Kasan, Co-founder and CEO of .

AI is Replacing B2B Sales Roles. How Much Time is Left Before the Machines Take Over?

February 4, 2019

If a machine can already make a hair appointment and perform some accounting functions, is a B2B AI service that takes on many of the job responsibilities previously associated with salespeople that far off?

AI for Salespeople, 12 Apps you can use today!

February 1, 2019

AI is everywhere, and it will change the way all people work. If you’re not convinced, check this McKinsey Global Institute study “Artifical Intelligence, The Next Digital Frontier?”, you’ll learn many things! Including that sales, will be one of the areas that will be most impacted. And it has already started. Automated Lead Qualification and Nurturing Now Integrates With HubSpot

January 31, 2019

Today, announced that it has joined HubSpot as a Connect Beta Integrator. HubSpot, a leading growth platform, works with Connect integrators to help grow their business through listing, marketing and distribution resources to increase shared customers.

An AI Tool That Helps Your Sales Team Close More Business

September 19, 2018

Sales reps spend a lot of time doing repetitive, tedious tasks in their quest to make their quotas and boost revenue.

These often include manually following up with leads and closing new business.

But what if your sales team could spend time only on the strategic, high-value tasks that really move the needle, instead of all these day-to-day chores?

Decoding The Current State Of SDR Automation Platform Powered By AI

July 18, 2018

Sales teams are getting smarter and tech-savvy, thanks to the prolific adoption of AI and automation tools that significantly remove, and in some cases, totally eliminate the labor-intensive work of engaging, nurturing, qualifying and booking meetings with leads. Yaron Ismah-Moshe, Co-Founder and CPO at, spoke to us about SDR automation technology and how current trends in AI and automation could maximize marketing and sales investments with a cost-friendly virtual sales development rep.

Interview with Ilan Kasan, CEO and Co-Founder,

June 4, 2018

Successful reps will soon work alongside an AI-powered bot that helps them make better decisions while focusing on the high-value opportunities.

Vonage Partners With Leading Workflow Automation Providers, iPaaS Providers and Bot Platforms to Bring Real-time Communications to Business Workflows

March 12, 2018

Vonage (NYSE: VG), a business cloud communications leader, is placing the power of real-time communications into the hands of business users by integrating Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, with a growing network of leading Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) providers, including Microsoft, MuleSoft, and, and bot platform partners, including Google,,, and Inference. Details below.

Using Microsoft Bot Framework as a Proxy to Publish your Bot Stack

September 15, 2018 provides a platform for authoring and developing bots, focusing on brands’ digital strategy by introducing AI into the sales funnel. They develop their own stack for managing bots’ dialogs, state, and logic. The bots are hosted mainly on their customers’ Facebook pages, and their customers can author their bots’ dialogs using an administration dashboard.

Watch Microsoft Accelerator’s Tel Aviv Demo Day Right Here

June 28, 2017

The Microsoft Accelerator is an immersive three- to six-month program aimed at helping entrepreneurs get through the challenges of building a company, finding customers and scaling to global markets. There are seven accelerators located around the world, from Seattle to Beijing, from Berlin to Tel-Aviv. Programs have a focus on enterprise startups; this event in Tel Aviv showcases financial services, fitness, education and more. Raises $1.5M From Glilot Capital Partners

June 28, 2017 a chatbot platform that allows brands to talk and sell directly to customers over chat. recently secured funding of $1.5M from Glilot Capital Partners, a venture capital fund specializing in Enterprise Software that was recently ranked as the 3rd best performing fund in the world (according to Preqin).

ChannelSight partners with for AI Infused Digital Commerce Solutions

June 19, 2017

ChannelSight is pleased to announce a new partnership with to offer shoppable Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven ecommerce innovations to help world’s largest brands to increase digitally influenced sales both online and offline through various messaging platforms.

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