AI-Powered Sales Development
Automation Platform is an AI assistant to your sales team that enables you to scale lead capturing, qualification and nurturing via two-way email and website conversations.


Machine Learning

Learns from each sales reps interactions to create more effective conversations and conversions

Meeting Scheduler

Make scheduling meetings with leads by eliminating tedious back and forth

Intelligent Processing of Responses

Understands responses from leads- including out of office replies, questions, interest, and objections- and responds accordingly

Dynamic Nurturing

Identifies where leads are in the journey and nurtures them according to their needs and preferences


Lead Qualification

Ask qualifying questions to identify sales ready opportunities for handover for rep follow up


Uses firmographics and user profiles data to tailor each conversation for each lead

WHY EXCEED? is a virtual assistant for your sales and marketing teams. Unlike traditional marketing and sales platforms that rely on forms, one-way email campaigns, and manual follow-ups, automates many of the customer interactions currently performed manually. uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and conversational bot technology to generate more qualified opportunities through dynamic lead capture, qualification, and nurturing.

Two-way conversations

Unlike traditional marketing and sales platforms that rely on forms,
one-on-one email campaigns and manual follow-ups, automates the manual, error-prone, customer interactions from lead to opportunity

Email Communication

Engage, nurture and qualify each prospect with personalized email communication for inbound and outbound campaigns


Chat Forms

Replace non-flexible website forms with two-way conversations and increase website conversions and customer satisfaction

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