80% of marketing leads are ignored.

What are you doing about it?

Never let a lead go to waste again. Convert more of your leads into sales opportunities with automated, human-like conversations.

On November 12, learn new tricks on mastering the latest trends in sales development
On November 12, learn new tricks on mastering the latest trends in sales development

We are faced with a great issue: Too many leads, not enough confirmed follow-up. Exceed.AI has helped us guarantee that every lead, from every source, is contacted and thoroughly followed up with after any lead-generating event.”

 on  G2
Nathan, Marketing Manager

In a perfect world, every lead gets engaged by a human

But manual follow-up and marketing automation aren’t suited to engage leads at scale.

As a result, the majority of your leads are left untouched and sales opportunities are missed.

AI makes human-like engagement scalable

Exceed engages 100% of your leads with human-like conversations.

Your AI assistant automates contact and follow-ups with leads, qualifies them, answer questions and schedules meetings for your sales reps.


It’s your lead-to-customer conversion toolbox

Get all of the tools you need to turn more leads into customers.

  • Acquire more leads with the AI chatbot
  • Follow-up with 100% of leads with the AI email bot
  • Put lead qualification & meeting scheduling on autopilot
  • Optimize engagement with insights & testing tools

ChannelSight Gets 2X More Qualified Leads With Automated Conversations

In just three months, ChannelSight doubled its qualified leads with Exceed.

“One thing that Exceed helped us do is to engage more with leads.”

“We had many leads in our CRM that hadn’t been touched for a long time. We used Exceed to re-engage with these leads. This has freed up time for us to focus our efforts on higher value leads, while not missing out and finding sales opportunities from lower value leads.”

Improve your lead-to-customer conversion rate throughout the funnel

Lead Acquisition
Engage leads as they browse your site with Exceed’s chatbot

Lead Qualification
Let sales focus on the “A” leads, ensure all others are engaged

Request demo
Immediately respond to requests & schedule sales meetings

Event invite & follow-up
Automatically invite, follow-up and nurture every lead

Bottom of funnel
Don’t lose deals at the last step, automatically reschedule meeting no-shows

CRM & post-purchase
Engage the quality leads in your CRM that sales doesn’t engage

Seriously easy integrations

Exceed integrates with the major CRMs, marketing and sales automation platforms.

Add automated conversations to your workflow with just a few clicks.


Make your sales team happy too

Get buy in from your sales team. With one click, sales reps send unresponsive leads to Exceed and free up their time to focus on closing deals.

How do I get started?

Let our team walk you through tactics to increase your qualified leads

“Exceed.ai has a very measurable ROI and after 2-3 months it was clear it is here to stay.”     Rafael, Co-founder & CEO on G2