Scale Up Your Specialized Clinic

Increase client interactions, qualify leads at scale and schedule more meetings using an AI Sales Assistant for Medical Clinics

Schedule more appointments with qualified leads with Conversational AI for Medical Clinics

You have a successful specialized clinic that drives a lot of interest. Prospects reach out via multiple channels to obtain more information, questions, and schedule appointments.

But your team doesn’t have the time to follow up with every prospective lead and many opportunities are missed. allows you to scale your team digitally and engage with 100% of leads, with human-like conversations. Your AI Sales Assistant follows up with prospective candidates, answers questions, nurtures them, and hands them off to your sales staff when the candidate is ready to talk.’s Virtual Sales Assistant Will Help You:

Qualify leads at scale

Follow up with old, dormant leads

Schedule appointments with qualified leads automatically

Get more candidates into your funnel with an AI chatbot

Stop wasting time chasing unqualified leads

Follow-up with 100% of candidates with the AI email bot

Put lead qualification & meeting scheduling on autopilot

Our AI-assistant works alongside your team and engages with every incoming lead, attends to every question, and qualifies your leads at scale, in real-time with a personalized human-like, two-way conversation over 
EmailWebsite Chat, and SMS.


Nurture Engagement

AI & automation gives you the scale to reach out to prospects with personalized messaging throughout their journey. 


Follow-Up with Candidates

The AI assistant responds to inquiries & ensures all leads are followed-up with. Saving you time chasing leads.

Schedule Meetings

Automated scheduling makes it easy to schedule times for your team to speak to qualified candidates.

Ensure all your leads are engaged, qualified, and have scheduled appointments 

Schedule appointments fast with AI-Conversations - clinics ai assistant - medical clinic ai assistant example

Engage With Prospects Automatically

Trigger follow-up from your CRM or marketing automation platform


Answer Questions

Answer common questions with AI-powered answers


Qualify Candidates Before Hand-Off

Set the qualification criteria, the AI does the rest


Schedule Meetings

Schedule meetings directly into your rep’s calendar

Make the most out of your CRM and Marketing Automation tools​ is the bridge between your automated conversations with leads and your sales database, allowing activity and information to move seamlessly between the two.​

Absolutely Amazing

We have scheduled more appointments than ever. Easy setup. Integration with our CRM is seamless. Onboarding has been a joy so far.

Ray F, Director

Lead Qualification and Customer Service

Exceed does a great job at taking leads and bringing them through the early stages of the sales funnel to ensure quality and suitability. It has improved our conversion rate significantly.

David E, Operations Manager

Lead Qualification and Customer Service

The service is a game changer. I have increased my productivity 10 fold and my client interaction has increased dramatically. This is my first month using the product and my sales are up!

Cole P, Sales Manager

Exceed impacted their clinic. It could impact yours too.