Conversational AI
Lead Qualification – At Scale’s sales assistant engages in unlimited conversations, delivering timely, human-like, effective lead qualification 


Get more out of your
sales and marketing operations

No lead slips through the cracks

Engage every lead, to make sure that you don’t miss any revenue opportunity


Timely engagement

Reach out to leads fast, while they’re still hot. Any lead volume. 24/7. Guaranteed.

Boost your funnel

Qualify more leads, generate more meetings and close more business faster, with the power of our sales assistant.

As human as it gets

Give prospects a seamless human experience, until they’re qualified to speak to a real human agent.

Integrates With

Customer Results


Increase in the conversion from leads to qualified opportunities


Reduction in lead qualification cost


Leads personally engaged by a virtual sales development rep has brought great value to our sales outreach initiative by automating the menial, error-prone tasks of our reps, allowing them to focus on more important opportunities.

Refael Zikavashvili

Co-founder & CEO, Pramp helps us find the golden nuggets among our leads and streamlines our qualification and nurturing process. We increased conversion rates by 22% and reduced the cost of a qualified lead by 39%.

Omer Tadjer

Co-founder & CEO, Comeet

Using I spend more time on closing deals instead of spending it chasing unqualified leads and on other repetitive tasks. helps me to increase my productivity by 35%! This is a must have tool for any sales rep

Yoav Shetrit

Sales Executive,


If your stream of leads becomes a trickle of wasted/lost/missed opportunities—we can help. Our software engages in a personalized human-like conversation with each lead to nurture and discover your next customer, using state-of-the-art AI-based email technology. It’s guaranteed to speed up the qualification and nurturing process and move leads down the funnel more effectively than any other tool. is a virtual assistant for your sales and marketing teams. Unlike traditional marketing and sales platforms that rely on forms, one-way email campaigns, and manual follow-ups, automates many of the customer interactions currently performed manually.

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