Connect with your leads at scale

Follow-up and qualify 100% of your leads with automated, human-like, 2-way conversations over email & chat.

Say goodbye to
missed opportunities

Manually following-up with leads leaves most of your leads untouched. With Exceed, you can engage all of your leads.

Exceed’s AI assistant automatically follows-up with your leads 24/7, asking and answering questions, qualifying leads and scheduling meetings.

“it has more than paid for itself by generating a record number of pre-qualified leads for our sales team”

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Partner, COO

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Engage more, sell more

With Exceed, marketing can engage leads that normally wouldn’t be touched, uncovering more opportunities from the leads you already have.

Sales also benefits from Exceed since they can focus on ready-to-talk leads instead of wasting time on unqualified and unresponsive leads.

Follow-up with 100% of your leads

Choose a ready-made playbook to engage your leads

Turn website visitors into leads with chat & follow-up with email

Automatically respond with the right messages 

Qualify leads & schedule meetings

Qualify more leads, close more deals

Improve marketing-sales alignment and follow-up with leads throughout the funnel

Exceed for Marketing

Empower your marketing team to launch 1:1 conversational campaigns with leads.

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Exceed for Sales

Automate scheduling and follow-up so your reps can focus on making the sale, not chasing the lead.

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What our customers are saying allows us to increase productivity by 35% by focusing on closing deals instead of wasting time chasing unqualified leads and on repetitive tasks – a must-have tool for any sales team!  

Yoav Shetrit

Sales Executive,

With, we are able to generate 2x more qualified leads – allowing us to focus on talking to prospects and closing deals instead of chasing leads.


Niall O'Gorman

Chief Commercial Officer, ChannelSight helps us find the golden nuggets among our leads and streamlines our qualification and nurturing process. We increased conversion rates by 22% and reduced the cost of a qualified lead by 39%.

Omer Tadjer

Co-founder & CEO, Comeet

Why Exceed

Wasting time chasing, following-up and qualifying leads?

Is your stream of leads becoming lost opportunities?

Our AI-Powered Assistant will help you find more customers by automatically contacting, engaging, following-up and booking qualified meetings.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Automated two-way email and chat conversations, it works alongside your reps and frees up more time so they can focus on closing deal.

Double qualified leads in 3 months

Integrates with

Start converting more leads into sales NOW!

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