AI for Business Growth
In this episode of AI For Business Growth, Dr. Andree Bates is joined by Ilan Kasan, the co-founder and CEO of Exceed.ai to talk about How to automate and engage your sales and marketing leads with Artificial Intelligence

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Join Ilan Kasan, Exceed CEO in a discussion about the journey from poor product fit to customers writing raving reviews.

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Exceed CEO, Ilan Kasan, shares how Exceed scales lead follow-up, feeds info into the CRM, and hands-off qualified leads to sales. 

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How using Exceed helps to align marketing and sales and helps reps exceed their goals.

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Learn about scaling your sales and how to add automation with AI powered conversational sales assistants.

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What is conversational lead nurturing and why do companies need it? Listen to how Exceed fits into the modern marketing and sales workflow.

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How the combo of AI and a sales rep can increase sales productivity by +80% -podcast interview.

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