Exceed unveils a smarter, more intuitive way for reps to schedule meetings

Written by Yaron Ismah-Moshe

According to Xant.ai, Rep spends 63.4% of their time doing administrative tasks such as scheduling.

At Exceed.ai our focus is to provide our users with the most advanced tools in sales and marketing automation, in order to prevent time wasted on administrative tasks.

Over the past few months we have focused on developing an array of new calendar based solutions that give you the power to fully automate, or manually provide your leads, with the ability to schedule meetings, without the need for constant back and forth communication. 

AI Response-Based Feature:

Some of our current features include ourAI response-based schedulingfeature, which will read an email response from an MQL, and book a meeting based on their response and your availability, 

As seen in the reference image above, Andy, the lead, asks to meet Thursday or Friday morning. Our intuitive AI response-based Scheduling Feature, understood this, checked availability of the rep and booked a meeting accordingly.

This feature is so intuitive in fact, that it took into account that the rep is based in Israel, and the lead, Andy, is based in New York (EST), thus, setting a time that not only works within the rep’s availability, but taking into account the time difference for both parties involved.

Customizable & Clickable Meeting Widgets

Using this feature the rep can customize Exceed to have the virtual assistant provide a number of customizable widgets with preferred dates and times for meetings based on the rep’s availability. e.g.:

Furthermore, in the event the MQL doesn’t see the email right away, or the rep’s availability changes, our smart technology will automatically refresh the clickable meeting options in real-time, based on the Exceed account user’s schedule and day and time the email is opened by the MQL. Thus, always providing the MQL with the most up to date, relevant options.

Calendar Link Feature

For those who prefer a more manual approach. Exceed is excited to announce the launch of their new Calendar Link feature.

By simply navigating into their account, the rep’s can copy and paste a unique link, that when clicked, will guide the MQL to a smart calendar which provides them with the Exceed account user’s availability, based on the MQL’s geographical time zone.

From there, the MQL simply selects a time, inputs their information, and receives a confirmation of the booked meeting for the selected time, in their specific time zone. You can try it out here: https://meet.exceed.ai/#/dm/Exceed.ai/David.Freeman to book a meeting with our Head of Sales 🙂

Exceeding the bounds of automation…

Exceed continues to push the boundaries of automated AI based technology, and are pleased to continuously provide our users with time saving, and intuitive new features that allow them to accomplish more, meet their goals, and attain scalability.  

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