Top 6 Ways An AI-Assistant Can Scale Your SDR Hanoff and Meeting Scheduling Processes

6 Ways An AI-Assistant Can Scale Your Sales Handover and Meeting Scheduling Processes

Written by Yael Darom

Oct 20, 2021

As a Marketing or Sales leader, you understand the importance of ensuring that high intent, qualified leads are properly handed over to your sales team and meetings are scheduled smoothly and without hassle.

With the average number of touchpoints needed to book a meeting being eight, it’s important to ensure that the meeting scheduling and sales handover process only helps to compliment and ensure a successful meeting takes place.

A recent study has shown that companies in 2020 saved an estimated 3.2 BIllion in costs by using appointment scheduling tools. With this in mind you would think there would be a solution available to reduce, if not entirely remove the need for time-wasting activities related to booking sales meetings – allowing marketing and sales teams to focus on generating new pipelines, and closing more sales.

With technology driving the advancement and adoption of new business solutions ranging from chatbots to AI integrated calendar applications, it is the Virtual AI Assistant that continues to reign supreme. 

Here are six key differentiating elements you should familiarize yourself with when considering the adoption of new technology needed to scale your organization’s meeting booking and sales handover processes.


Top 6 Benefits of Using a Virtual AI Sales Assistant 

1. Time-Saving 

Did you know that the average company (of 250 employees) spends four hours per week planning meetings, resulting in roughly 47,000 hours of wasted labor costs, purely on meeting activities alone – let that sink in for a moment?

With an automated Virtual AI Sales Assistant, you can put the entire process on autopilot, and ensure that each and every lead is first qualified before setting up a meeting and then automating the entire meeting scheduling process with the rep cc’d.

2. Flawless Execution

We are human and we make mistakes due to a very busy workday, with tons of distractions, it’s only natural that we forget to update a lead status, follow-up, or re-schedule a no-show for example. Thankfully AI and automation can ensure your leads and prospects don’t fall in between the cracks, your pipeline stays organized, and that your prospects experience a smooth journey.  

3. 24/7/365 Availability

Your prospects and customers deserve a quick and smooth communication channel that is always available, regardless of where they are in the world. An AI virtual assistant never takes a day off and is never sick. Qualify and schedule meetings over chat, email, and SMS while your sales reps are asleep. 

4. Increase Meeting Attendance Conversion Rate

In 2020, businesses that reported that they used some form of automated follow-up or reminder tool, realized a 29% reduction in no-shows for meetings. Combine this with the power of AI, and you can begin to get a glimpse of the immense value that can be achieved when you allow an Automated AI Assistant to handle time-intensive activities such as scheduling meetings and sales handover.

5. Cost Efficiency

Thinking of bringing on an additional headcount, think again! A Virtual AI Sales Assistant can actually save you money in the long run, and take on the workflow of one if not multiple sales or marketing roles, ensuring a steady workflow, 24/7, 365 days a year.

6. Organization & Upkeep

Centralizing your information and maintaining an organized calendar are the cornerstone elements to ensuring a smooth handover process and are key to ensuring your pipeline flows properly. With integrations to your calendar and CRM, you allow the AI Sales Assistant to maintain a single source of truth, for all interactions, planning, and conversations, with all information trying back to your CRM.

Make Way For The Automated AI Sales Assistant

Make tasks associated with booking meetings a thing of the past. With new innovative tools like Exceed’s Automated AI Assistant helping sales and marketing teams automate their processes, businesses are able to achieve new levels of growth and scalability.

Exceed makes it easy to drive more pipeline from email and website visitors – working 24/7/365 alongside humans to ensure every lead is followed up with, nurtured, qualified and a meeting is booked on your reps’ calendar.

With Exceed’s Automated AI Sales Assistant, companies have realized: 

  • A Boost in Sales Quota Attainment by as much as 109%
  • A 25% increase in conversion rate
  • An Increase in internal productivity by as much as 35%

Looking Forward

Technology continues to shape the way in which businesses are able to rapidly achieve their goals. There is no doubt that AI and Automation have acted as disruptors in this marketplace, making way for this current digital transformation that is already well underway. 

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