ClearShift Grew Conversion Rates by 25% Using Conversion AI

cleashift case study - how clearshift grew conversion rate - clearshift conversion rate case study

Written by Yael Darom

Oct 2, 2020


Conversion Rate


Monthly Hours Saved

“By implementing Exceed we grew our conversion rates by 25%. Our team of representatives were speaking with engaged shoppers, who were ready to schedule an appointment and complete their purchase.”


Aaron Wood, Chief Strategist at ClearShift



ClearShift is a highly rated virtual automotive dealership platform, with headquarters based in Colorado, and distribution partners all over the U.S.

With an average influx of over 14,000 leads per month, ClearShift had implemented a concise and simple process of converting MQL’s to SQL’s which included customer experience specialists, purchase guides, and ultimately, one of their nationwide distributors providing the final purchase to the client.



The Challenge




As online demand grew due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the required manpower needed to address the lead engagement, follow-up, and qualification needs along with maintaining a high customer satisfaction rating, began to put a strain on internal personnel. Leads were falling between the cracks and business was lost.

“I knew we had customers we were not getting in touch with, we have a limited capacity of staff that could only handle so many incoming leads. We were looking for a solution that would enable us to communicate with everybody, making sure no prospects would be missed out.”
-Aaron Wood, Chief Strategist at ClearShift


    After ClearShift went live with Exceed’s AI-Powered Intelligent Assistant, they were able to ensure every lead was automatically followed up and qualified. Exceed’s automated solution shortened the sales team’s sales cycle, ultimately providing a larger amount of qualified leads, in a short time period, which were handed off directly to a dedicated ClearsShift rep.

    “There had been so many uncontacted prospects who we thought had disappeared, which Exceed has helped us re-engage with. It turned out they were still in the market, and in some cases just wanted a follow-up or a meeting! These are the sort of things that our team would not be able to do manually.“
    -Aaron Wood, Chief Strategist at ClearShift

    Looking Forward

    As ClearShift continues to expand its footprint, Exceed continues to provide unparalleled lead generation solutions, allowing them to broaden their efforts and increase exposure without having to hire aggressively.

    “The biggest thing with business today is that everyone is looking for a digital solution, what they’re missing is the human element, we think that technology is the conduit while the basis is human interaction. By using Exceed we’ve been able to scale our marketing efforts and customer communication while retaining the human interaction“
    -Aaron Wood, Chief Strategist at ClearShift


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