ICANotes Transformed Prospect Engagement with AI-SMS, Achieving 92% Increase in Scheduled Meetings

Written by Yael Darom

Oct 3, 2023

What we liked about Exceed, which was also unique, was that it gave us control over building the sequences ourselves, using our own tone of voice. Most of the vendors at the time would build that for you and we didn’t have the control.”


Sandy Crowley, CMO, ICANotes


ICANotes, a Behavioral Health EHR (Electronic Health Record) leader, revolutionized their prospect engagement with Exceed.ai’s Virtual Sales Assistant.

By utilizing AI-driven email and SMS text engagement, ICANotes conquered the challenges of reaching busy behavioral healthcare providers, leading to impressive improvements in meeting rates, closed sales, and revenue growth.


The Challenges of Reaching Healthcare Providers / Breaking Down Communication Barriers for Success

ICANotes encountered a hurdle when trying to connect with their prospective customers during standard working hours.

Sandy Crowley, ICANotes’ CMO and Partner, realized that trying to reach behavioral health practitioners via phone or email was almost impossible due to their line of work which includes being in sessions with clients throughout the day and due to their demanding schedules.

With a team of only 4 inside sales representatives and 2 sales administrators handling a whopping 2,000 inbound leads per month, ICANotes faced an uphill battle, missing out on valuable opportunities and experiencing inefficiencies.


Solution: A Shift in Sales Approach and AI-Driven Engagement

Recognizing the need for a shift approach, ICANotes turned to Exceed.ai by Genesys to automate prospect outreach through Exceed.ai’s Text-AI SMS capabilities, powered by a virtual sales assistant, which can conduct a 2-way conversation with prospective customers.

By automating outreach and engagement through SMS and email, ICANotes streamlined their sales process, resulting in more efficient prospect engagement and a reimagined role of their sales team, shifting from chasing prospects to meeting with them.

“The success of using text messaging to get prospects engaged really made a difference and it was clear that it would be a key component being able to weave in the SMS messaging. Not just email.”

One of the standout features of Exceed.ai for ICANotes was the ability to craft their own sequences and customize the style and tone of voice.

Unlike other vendors at the time, that provided pre-defined sequences or build the sequence for you, with limited or no room for customization, Exceed.ai empowered ICANotes to define their own messaging sequences, aligning them with their unique brand voice and communication style. This level of freedom and flexibility allowed ICANotes to create authentic and engaging conversations with prospects, leading to higher response rates and improved engagement.

Another huge factor that was considered was Exceed.ai’s native integration Zoho.

It allowed ICANotes to have real-time access to prospect data and ensure smooth data synchronization between Exceed.ai and their CRM, optimizing their sales process. Unlike using third-party integration platforms like Zapier, the direct integration streamlined their workflow and improved efficiency.

“Your native integration with Zoho was also a huge factor and made it so much better than using Zapier.”


Results: Impressive Meeting Rate Increase

The implementation of Exceed.ai’s Virtual AI Sales Assistant yielded outstanding results for ICANotes.

  • Meeting Rates Soared: A 92% increase in scheduled meetings, underscoring the effectiveness of AI-driven engagement in capturing prospects’ interest at the right moment.
  • Closing More Sales: With their revamped sales approach and improved engagement strategies, ICANotes experienced an impressive 35% increase in new sales won, signaling enhanced conversion rates and sales effectiveness.
  • Revenue Growth: The transformative efforts led to a 30% increase in revenue, a clear testament to the impact of AI-powered prospect engagement on the bottom line.
  • Increasing sales without increasing staff: Shifted the role of sales from chasing after people to meeting with people.



ICANotes’ successful implementation of Exceed.ai’s Virtual AI Sales Assistant showcases the extraordinary potential of AI in transforming prospect engagement.

By overcoming communication barriers, adopting a new sales approach, and harnessing AI-driven email and SMS text engagement, ICANotes achieved impressive results, including increased meeting rates, new sales won, and revenue growth.





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