Focus on closing deals, not chasing leads

Boost your rep’s effectiveness and generate more sales opportunities with less work

Gain more selling time with AI sales assistants

Imagine if each of your reps had a virtual assistant automating the repetitive and error-prone tasks related to engaging leads.

These virtual assistants work according to your sales playbook, email and qualify leads, answer questions & follows-up as needed. Once a lead is ready to talk, your rep takes over.

Exceed’s AI assistant frees up your sales reps’ selling time so they can focus on closing deals.



Here’s how you get more qualified opportunities with less work

Let your AI virtual assistant follow-up with leads

Using automation and your playbook, be sure every lead gets followed-up until there’s a “yes” or “no.”

Exceed email sequence follow up for virtual assistant

Qualify leads before scheduling a meeting

Exceed asks qualifying questions, analyzes answers & extracts lead info from email signatures.

Email bot asking qualifying question

Never let long-term leads fall through the cracks

Your AI sales assistant automatically schedules the right follow-up at the right time.

Schedule meetings directly into your reps’ calendar

Save time by avoiding meeting scheduling back and forth. Exceed’s assistants will schedule (and reschedule) meetings automatically.

ai sales assistants how it works

The fastest way to scale sales

Before Exceed, sales teams depended on hiring to scale. This leads to high costs, turnover and endless onboarding.

Exceed turns scaling into an inexpensive, efficient process. Your reps no longer waste time on unqualified leads or repetitive email exchanges. Instead, they focus on what they do best – closing deals.


Cost per lead decrease


Engagement increase

Exceed G2 Top Performer Conversational MarketingThe Top Rated Conversational Marketing Platform on G2

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“Sales and Lead Follow-up Simplicity”

– Nathan, Marketing Manager

“The best virtual sales assistant!”

– Yoav, Sales Executive

“The GOAT – Best AI Platform on the market today”

– Nicole, Chief Strategist

“It’s an incredible tool – lets you maximize the capacity of your team and do more with less.”

– Executive Sponsor, Internet

The easiest way to scale my team and reduce lead response time

– Logan, Business Development

“We didn’t have to worry about setting up meetings manually, or leads dropping off when a meeting needed to be scheduled”

– Sagee, CEO

Integrates with your sales stack

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Exceed is not just automation, it’s your path to sales growth