Exceed.ai helps ResellerRatings’ sales and marketing teams increase meetings by 40x

ResellerRatings Christina Kay

Written by Yael Darom

Jun 29, 2022

Exceed.ai helped us become a well-oiled machine. It has helped us see how we could improve, how we should communicate with customers, how to net-new prospects.”


Christina Kay, VP Marketing, Reseller Ratings

Customer journey-focused company enjoys streamlined lead nurturing and learns about how to optimize its own customer experience from Exceed.ai’s Conversational AI.

A boutique company passionate about providing shoppers with a voice and brands with consumer information for an improved shoppers journey, ResellerRatings was looking to expand its client base. But with relatively small sales and marketing teams, ResellerRatings needed a solution that could boost their outreach and lead nurturing efforts to take the burden off their employees, yet wouldn’t require them to increase headcount.

The Challenge: A “small but mighty” downsized sales team

Christina Kay, Vice President of Marketing at ResellerRatings, is a “very numbers-based” executive. Her “small but mighty” marketing team at ResellerRatings works hand-in-hand with their Sales and Customer Success teams, fostering an intimate, highly interdependent atmosphere where team members across departments work together towards a common goal.

With only a handful of account managers spending countless hours on arduous cold-calling and prospecting, Kay realized that the company needed a boost to its outreach and lead conversion efforts that wouldn’t require hiring more people and increasing headcounts.

Always on top of trends in the MarTech space, Kay was aware of Conversational AI. But after listening to a podcast hosted by the Marketing AI Institute mentioning Exceed.ai, she realized that the solution was exactly what ResellerRatings needed during this juncture of growth. 

It was an “A-ha moment,” she said.


From all hands on deck to a “well-oiled machine” — Exceed.ai’s impact 


After reaching out to Exceed.ai, Kay said she was pleasantly surprised by how quickly ResellerRatings benefited from its unique Conversational AI technology and extensive data.


Almost immediately after implementing Exceed.ai, ResellerRatings was able to schedule a staggering 45 qualified meetings in one month, when they’d been previously averaging just one or two per month.


Because “Exceed.ai does a lot of the ‘grunt work,’” Kay explained, ResellerRatings could redirect their limited manpower towards higher-level tasks and leave the time-consuming processes and low-value tasks like scheduling initial meetings, follow-ups with leads, and demo no-shows, and lead nurturing to the AI technology. 


The solution “helped us become a well-oiled machine,” said Kay. “Exceed.ai has helped us see how we could improve, how we should communicate with customers, how to net-new prospects…it helped us see what we needed [to do.]”


From the customer experience side, Exceed.ai’s conversational marketing platform helped ResellerRatings “see patterns, see things that people want to talk about,” critical information which they then leveraged to create content like FAQ pages and a better onboarding process by connecting their LMS to Exceed.


Kay said that one of ResellerRatings biggest wins, an upsell to an existing client, originated with an Exceed.ai sequence. Because of Exceed.ai’s bespoke, nuanced conversations that are expertly timed for maximum impact, customer retention was optimized, which also paved the way for easier upselling. 


ResellerRatings was able to determine what was missing from their customer onboarding process and make appropriate changes to fill the gaps. Data from Exceed.ai empowered ResellerRatings with critical insights into the real-life impact of their customer journey. The company responded accordingly, providing an experience carefully crafted to align with what their customers wanted, strengthening relationships between the brand and its clients.


“It’s helped us figure out the direction we need to go, how many people we need to hire, and our product team figures out what people are using or don’t even know about,” she said. 


From saving hundreds of manpower hours to reeling in clients that were on the verge of churning, to designing a better product onboarding experience, thanks to crucial insights from engagement and drop-off rates within sequences, “the possibilities are endless” in terms of the value a company can gain from Exceed.ai.

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    Dedicated to empowering consumer voices, ResellerRatings enables shoppers to become the voice of their favorite brands. From the retailers’ perspective, ResellerRatings provides a holistic suite of user-generated content that businesses can use in order to boost their reach and conversion efforts, as well as better understand what’s working and what’s not in their customer journeys. ResellerRatings’ clients, including industry-leading companies such as Zenni Optical, JUSTFAB, FTD, and Vitacost, are interested in how they can turn their buyers into advocates for their brand and lifelong, loyal customers. 


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