Relieve your SDRs of repetitive, low-value tasks and give them more time to focus on what matters

Written by Yael Darom

Nov 1, 2021

Inbound Sales Development Reps (SDRs, also known as BDR’s or LDR’s) play an essential role when it comes to pipeline generation. 

SDRs are focused on following up on marketing-generated leads that often need further qualification and the SDR’s job is to engage with these prospects and understand more about their challenges and goals to then set up a meeting with an Account Executive.

The average time that an SDR spends on managing the activities for a single meeting (not including the time spent in the meeting itself) is between 15-45 minutes. Now multiply that by the hundreds or even thousands of leads that continue to flow in each month. Additionally, with the average hourly rate of a sales rep in the US ranging between $25-$45, it’s clear through simple multiplication that the act of scheduling and managing meetings, a.k.a low-value tasks, can quickly equate to thousands of dollars per month in human labor costs.
Sounds like it might be a good idea to reexamine your current stack, to ensure it’s enabling you and your team to streamline your pipeline.

Now imagine that each of your reps had a virtual assistant automating the repetitive and error-prone tasks related to qualifying and scheduling meetings with prospects.

Is there a tool that can eliminate almost entirely the time wasted on low-value tasks?

With the development of new automated marketing and sales tools, coupled with advancements in artificial intelligence and NLP capabilities – an Automated Virtual AI Assistant is looking to achieve this, ultimately putting an end to time wasted on non-revenue generating tasks like follow-ups, qualification, scheduling, and rescheduling meetings.


3 Key Differentiating Features Of An Automated Virtual AI Assistant


24/7 2-Way Conversational Capabilities

One of the major differentiators between a live sales rep, and any other sales or meeting booking tool for that matter is the need for constant availability and responsiveness needed when booking a new meeting. With growing your pipeline as priority number one, you must always be ready to respond back in a timely, and personalized manner. With a virtual AI Assistant, you allow any prospective lead to engage with your brand, regardless of time or place, and receive value-driven responses, as a result of 2-way conversational capabilities from the AI Assistant.


Automated and Seamless Handoff Process 

Maintaining a high pipeline velocity is crucial for some companies as well as progressing your prospects along the funnel seamlessly and efficiently so they don’t fall through the cracks.

With an automated virtual AI Assistant, you allow the entire qualification and meeting booking process to be placed on autopilot by syncing with your calendar, thus enabling a smoother handoff to sales.


Automated Rescheduling and FollowUp

Meeting no-shows, unfortunately, do occur which results in time wasted on pre-meeting prep and time needed to chase a rebooking.

With an Automated AI Assistant, you equip yourself with the ability to generate highly personalized cadences, ensuring that any lead that doesn’t show up to a meeting, immediately flows into a cadence dedicated to re-engaging, nurturing, and rebooking them –  ensuring no lead falls through the cracks.

 Comeet Case Study


Choosing The Right Solution 

With a growing demand for value-based marketing automation tools, it can sometimes be daunting to invest in a tool without knowing the success rate or ROI that can be achieved. Furthermore, with so many options to choose from, it can almost feel as if the market is saturated, with no clear definitive leader.

When considering adding new sales or marketing tools to your stack, keep in mind that an Automated AI Assistant may be just what you’re looking for. In fact, companies that have made use of an AI Assistant such as Exceed have been able to achieve:

  • A 15% reduction in time wasted on meeting booking related tasks
  • A reduction in customer service costs by up to 30%
  • An increased rate of lead attendance for booked meetings


The Automated AI Assistant & Its Role in The Future Workforce

With technology acting as a catalyst, driving innovation in the field of business solutions, the Automated AI Assistant is a prime example,  blazing the path forward, and revolutionizing the way in which companies and organizations are able to scale their lead qualification and meeting booking processes.

As the global workforce becomes increasingly augmented with these technological tools,  it’s important to be cognisant of the future workforce, and how you can take advantage of these new tools to achieve your own goals.


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