Exceed.ai + Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Exceed.ai now integrates with Dynamics365

Written by Yael Darom

Jun 5, 2023


Microsoft Dynamics 365 users can now integrate natively with Exceed.ai’s Conversational AI platform to automate lead engagement, qualification, and meeting scheduling. 

Through this seamless integration, Dynamics 365 customers can harness the power of Conversational AI and automation to ensure effective lead engagement, nurturing, qualification, and direct handover of qualified leads to sales representatives.   

Let’s explore how this integration serves as a bridge between automated conversations and the CRM database, enabling Dynamics users to achieve unparalleled efficiency.  


Automated Conversations and Contact Information Collection 

Exceed.ai leverages advanced AI-powered capabilities to automate 2-way conversations with leads, prospects, and customers. Through personalized and timely interactions, Exceed.ai engages with contacts, freeing up valuable time for sales teams to focus on high-value tasks. The integration with Dynamics 365 takes this automation to the next level. 

One of the capabilities of Exceed.ai is to capture essential information from leads and contacts, such as phone numbers, job titles, and more. This valuable data is seamlessly updated back into the CRM, ensuring accuracy and completeness. With the integration in place, your sales team can rely on up-to-date contact information and communication history for every interaction. 


Seamless Synchronization for Uninterrupted Sales  

Exceed.ai helps maintain your CRM as the one source of truth for all lead and customer communications, data and tasks, facilitating the smooth transfer of activity and information between the two platforms. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of human errors.  

Businesses can optimize their sales processes by leveraging Exceed.ai’s automation capabilities and its ability to collect and sync information with Dynamics 365. Real-time updates and accurate contact information empower your sales team to focus on nurturing relationships and driving business growth.


Elevating Sales Efficiency 

The Exceed.ai and Dynamics 365 integration offers numerous benefits that empower businesses to drive sales growth efficiently: 

  • Streamlined Conversations: Exceed.ai’s AI-powered sales assistants handle conversations with leads and contacts, saving time and resources for your sales team.Sync lists from Dynamics 365 into Exceed.ai to deliver personalized conversations that convert.
  • Real-time Synchronization: Activities and information flow seamlessly between Exceed.ai and Dynamics 365, eliminating data discrepancies and enabling your sales team to stay on top of customer interactions.
  • Optimized Sales Processes: With automated conversations and synchronized contact information, your sales team can focus on high intent, qualified leads, ultimately driving revenue growth. 


Through the Exceed.ai and Dynamics 365 integration, businesses can automate conversations, collect contact information, and ensure seamless synchronization between the automated conversations and the CRM database.  

By combining the strengths of Dynamics 365 and Exceed.ai, businesses can elevate their sales efficiency, improve customer interactions, and boost revenue growth.  

Unlock the potential of your Dynamics 365 CRM with Exceed.ai.

For more information, visit the Dynamic 365 integration guide 

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