Elite Sportswear Boosted Revenue with Exceed.ai’s Outreach Solution

How Elite Sportswear’s Small Sales Team Achieved Outreach to Their Entire Contact List and Increased Revenue

Written by Yael Darom

Jan 4, 2022

“Exceed.ai’s Conversational AI was able to keep the conversation going with our entire contact list. Prospects stayed interested; potential clients didn’t fall through the cracks. Our sales specialists were able to focus on the hot leads that Exceed.ai’s Automated AI Assistant had nurtured to the point that they were ready to talk about purchase.”


Nina Won, SVP Direct to Consumer – Elite Sportswear

Elite Sportswear supplies athletes nationwide with high-performance uniforms, shoes, and other gear.

The Challenge: Lots of Sales Outreach Potential, Small Sales Team

Elite Sportswear had thousands of coaches and high schools from all over the United States on their list of contacts. Management was sure that they could leverage their list to increase their pipeline, by pre-season outreach to both past customers and potential customers, but outbound sales was a new initiative for the newly created team.

They needed a new way to expand their outreach, handle responses efficiently and track progress. In addition, Elite Sportswear wanted to speed up their response rate to online inquiries for sales quotes. 

    The Solution: Exceed.ai’s Automated AI Assistant

    When Elite found Exceed.ai, they knew it was just what they were looking for. Early before the start of the season, the Elite team uploaded segmented lists based on pre-season/peak season purchasing behavior as well as curated lists based on customer lifetime value from their database to Exceed.ai and started setting up sequences around these customer groups.

    No longer did the initial touches or lukewarm contacts need to be done by Elite’s small sales team: Exceed.ai’s Automated AI Assistant did it at scale!


    Engage in conversations with multiple prospects using Exceed.ai - ourcrowd testimonial - nathan greene testimonial - ourcrowd about exceed ai

    The Results: Maximized Time for the Sales Team… and a 6% Revenue Increase

    Using Exceed.ai, Elite Sportswear’s sales team leveraged the power of audience segmentation at scale. They were able to cover their entire list of contacts, sending custom email sequences based on previous purchase behavior or prospect demographics.

    Using AI, they could segment conversations out as they progressed and refine the list with new business channels. Elite also utilized Exceed.ai’s Automated AI Assistant for prompt follow-up to sales quote inquiries, not letting leads go stale and increasing their conversion rate. In the first six months of using Exceed.ai, Elite saw a 6% increase in revenue.  

    Exceed.ai brought Elite Sportswear’s pre-season outreach to new levels of scale and success.

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