Double your conversion rate when you receive ‘wrong contact’ replies

Written by Yael Darom

Apr 12, 2022

Here’s how automatically transforms bounceback “wrong email/contact no longer works here” replies into referred leads that are more likely to convert.  

You reach out to a lead with your most engaging, personable opening, and their system automatically bounces back, indicating that you’ve got the wrong contact info. What’s your next step?

  1. Sign off with an apology and refocus on nurturing other leads
  2. Engage in an extended back-and-forth (with the wrong contact who is likely annoyed and possibly ghosting you) and beg them to fork over the email of the correct person
  3. Invest in detective work to find the right contact
  4. All of the above 😉


None of these options are ideal, especially considering time constraints and competing priorities. But what if there was a way to utilize that “wrong person” reply to gain a personalized referral to the right contact?   

Exceed’s automated referral correction feature uses a “wrong email” reply as an opportunity to score your brand a personalized introduction that’s twice as likely to convert. 

And the best part is – it’s all automated. You do nothing.


Smooth Transitions – The Key to Trust

Imagine sitting at a cafe, sipping a hot beverage of your choice, when suddenly an unfamiliar person appears in front of you and asks to share your table.

Even the friendliest of us can feel slightly uncomfortable when a stranger approaches out of nowhere, as our natural risk-avoidant instincts kick in.

Now imagine that this stranger approaching you is previously acquainted with one of your friends, and greets you by name while mentioning the mutual contact that you share. Or, even better, what if that same shared acquaintance was there to introduce you to each other?

In which situation would you feel most comfortable? The answer is clear. Whether you’re in a business or social setting, a personal introduction always beats out a “cold-call” approach.

People are hardwired to feel more comfortable when interacting with a stranger that’s previously been in contact with someone they know, and recognizing and leveraging that reality can have a major positive impact on your sales, marketing, and outreach strategies.


Wrong Person → Right Person

Exceed’s Intelligent Virtual AI Sales Assistant, utilizes Machine Learning and NLP (natural language processing) to generate intuitive automated responses, which provide an experience that mirrors that of a conversation with a human sales or marketing rep. knows exactly how to handle out-of-office and contact-me-later replies, provides 24/7 answers to customers inquiring about basic company information and scheduling for demos, and the best ways to qualify and score leads based on their likelihood to convert. is dynamic, not static, and its responses are constantly evolving based on new information from ongoing conversations. Leveraging this unique, proprietary technology, ensures that you reach the “right” person after a “wrong contact” response. And Exceed’s Personalized Lead Referrals are twice as likely to convert than reaching out on your own.


How It Works

Your AI SDR engages a contact via email, following one of your email sequences. That contact replies with a message stating they’re not the right person to speak to, and includes the new, correct contact in their email.     Exceed’s AI SDR then adds the new contact to a “referred lead” sequence and automatically reaches out.  Your first email to the new contact will include the original “wrong person” message in the thread, and will also CC your referring contact. These elements foster trust with the new person you’re approaching and maximize your chances of receiving a response.

Because the entire process is automated, you don’t need to take the time away from your other outreach and lead nurturing efforts. Forget about puzzling out the ideal way to write an introduction and win over the new contact  — Exceed does it all for you.


Real-Life Impact

There are a number of use cases in which referred leads can make a difference for your company and boost your outreach and sales strategies.  

Account-Based Marketing No more cold opens! Enjoy the benefits of a warm, personalized introduction when you find a new, relevant lead within a target account.  

Lead Nurturing Because leads are often present in nurturing tracks over extended periods of time, these personalized referrals are a highly effective way to ensure that your database stays fresh, with relevant, smart leads.  

Inbound Follow-Up Research has found that leads typically need 5 to 12 follow-ups before responding. During that long time frame, there’s a good chance that your contact at your target company may change their role or hand over projects to other colleagues.  

With Exceed, you don’t have to lose a deal because of a transition within a target business, and you have an automated easy way to continue following up with the new lead.

A “wrong person” reply doesn’t have to be a roadblock – instead, it can be an open door to gaining the trust of new contacts, nurturing leads, and securing sales.

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