How Exceed Enabled Oktopost To Grow Their Sales Team by 700% With No Additional Budget

Written by Yael Darom

Sep 6, 2021


Responses Received


Hours Saved

“Exceed has allowed us to re-allocate our resources to grow our Account Executive team by 700% without additional budget. All the while simultaneously boosting the generation of new pipelines, of both new and pre-existing cold leads.”


Colin Day, Managing Director – EMEA, Oktopost



Oktopost is a company that offers a B2B social media management tool that provides organizations with the ability to amplify their brand on social media and measure the direct impact and ROI of their initiatives. Oktopost allows marketers to better engage with customers and prospects, get actionable insights, and quantify ROI.  

Since joining the company in 2020, Colin Day has been the acting Managing Director for commercial activities for EMEA and oversees existing business and the development of new opportunities within the region.


The Challenge

As Colin puts it, “When I joined the company about twelve to eighteen months ago, the initial Sales team consisted of one Account Executive, two Customer Success Managers, and a few SDRs. The SDRs were focused on opening doors and creating initial meetings for the Account Executives. Unfortunately, we just weren’t seeing the necessary results from the SDR level needed to meet our growth targets.”

Focused on achieving a new pipeline through outbound sales development initiatives, Colin began his hunt for a solution to replace the time-intensive, manual processes that were being executed by his live SDRS. After coming across Exceed as a prospective solution, it became clear that his hypothesis was correct, and that it was possible to grow Oktopost’s pipeline without the need for additional headcount; through the use of transformative technology such as an Automated AI Assistant.


Ready to see Excced in Action?

    The Solution

    Oktopost was looking for a solution that would allow them to engage with their existing leads that had gone cold, at scale. By making use of Exceed’s Automated AI Assistant they were able to effectively ensure that each lead was re-engaged, that buyer intent was present, and that once ready, they were properly handed over to a live sales rep. Furthermore, with the power of the Automated AI assistant, Oktopost was able to place their inbound lead qualifying process on autopilot, allowing all new leads generated by Marketing to immediately enter into their sequences, ensuring no lead slipped through the cracks.

    Even more astonishing, Oktopost was able to maintain, and effectively streamline their lead qualifying processes, while being able to reallocate resources from the SDR team to the Account Executive team, allowing them to grow more than 700%.

    “Fast forward to now and we have around twelve or thirteen Account Executives and are in a significant growth stage for the company,” says Colin Day Managing Director, EMEA region.


    “A true differentiator for us was that with other systems the pre-funnel or top of funnel SDR initiatives would have to come from a live person, and with the help of the AI Assistant we could automate these processes. This allows us to segregate the two, have our pre-funnel initiatives handled by Exceed and our Account Executive activities, handled by a separate system.”

    Within the first six months, Exceed’s Automated AI Assistant had:

    • 1,766 hours in saved human labor
    • 7% increase in new business growth
    • An increase in deal size from opportunities originating from Exceed

    Today Oktopost has placed Exceed at the forefront of their lead qualifying process, allowing their Sales and Marketing teams to focus on what they do best, generating new opportunities, and closing more deals.

    “I love Exceed – super easy to manage and allows us to make real-time changes to our sequences – an all-around great tool.”

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