Increase Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) with Intelligent Automated Assistants

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Written by Novakovic Spasimir

Dec 5, 2023

No sales and marketing team operates at a 100% efficiency rate.

Marketing invests resources in generating quality leads and sales reps need to pursue those leads, follow up with them, and schedule meetings. When demand is high, hot leads can turn cold, leading to missed opportunities and an inefficient pipeline.

But what if there was a way to align sales & marketing efforts to accelerate growth by handing over only Sales Qualified Leads? What if we could supercharge your sales pipeline and maximize the conversion of Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)? 

Introducing an intelligent Automated Virtual Sales Assistant tool – a solution poised to transform your sales process and ensure no opportunities are left untapped.

Boosting Marketing and Sales Efficiency

Boosting the efficiency of sales and marketing teams is a crucial objective for any business. 

However, achieving this goal entails more than having these two departments work side by side. 

The real challenge lies in execution – in ensuring that their efforts are perfectly aligned and synergized to create an impactful marketing strategy. 

Sadly, many organizations often fall short in this area. This shortfall is typically caused by a disconnect between the sales and marketing teams, leading to missed opportunities and wasted resources. 

In terms of alignment, only 31% of marketers and 23% of sales professionals report strong sales and marketing alignment.

For instance, the sales team, in their quest to meet daily touchpoint quotas, might overlook hot leads, focusing on quantity over quality. 

On the other hand, the marketing team may struggle to cut through the noise of irrelevant or unqualified leads, wasting valuable time and causing frustration among the sales reps. 

This misalignment can lead to a loss of trust between the teams, further hampering their efficiency. 

So, how can we address these issues and boost marketing and sales efficiency

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Boosting marketing and sales efficiency with AI


Can AI Virtual Assistants Increase Sales Qualified Leads?​

Sales and marketing teams can significantly enhance their efficiency and productivity, leading to a significant increase in Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) and a step closer to a valid opportunity

AI-powered Virtual Assistant tools automate lead engagement, lead follow-up, and qualification processes, freeing up team members to focus on more strategic tasks. 

They can effectively engage with multiple leads simultaneously, providing personalized interactions and follow-ups round-the-clock, something that would be especially big scale for humans to achieve.

Our data indicates the transformative potential of AI Virtual Assistants. Organizations that have adopted these tools have seen a threefold increase in SQLs without any addition to their headcount. 

They’ve also reported a 35% increase in rep productivity, a 19.5% increase in quota attainment, and a 25% increase in the number of qualified leads handed over to sales.


Comparing Automated Virtual Assistants and Sales Engagement Platforms ​

Sales engagement platforms provide the ability to execute outreach on a large scale, automate various processes, and ultimately save time and money. These tools undoubtedly have the way sales teams operate, but are they enough?

While sales engagement platforms are indeed efficient, they often lack the human touch necessary to nurture leads effectively. 

Moreover, sales engagement platforms may pose disadvantages in terms of complexity, limited customization, higher costs, and integration challenges compared to automated virtual assistants, which generally offer simpler interfaces, greater flexibility, cost-effectiveness, easier integration, and a more personalized approach.

Like with a live rep, an Automated Virtual Assistant will ensure all your leads are followed up with, nurtured, identified as sales-ready, and finally handed over by booking a meeting with a live rep.

Furthermore, this AI assistant effectively nurtures, qualifies, and hands over pre-qualified leads to a live sales rep, all without any intervention from a human.

Finally, while sales engagement platforms are an essential tool for any sales team, incorporating an AI Assistant can take your sales efforts to the next level. 

Automated Virtual Assistants + Sales Engagement Tools = More Sales Qualified Leads​

The combination of Automated Virtual Assistants and Sales Engagement Tools is a powerful formula that has the potential to significantly boost Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

Sales engagement tools are excellent at automating processes, executing outreach at scale, and streamlining the sales process. They can handle mundane tasks, freeing up sales reps to focus on what they do best – selling. 

Moreover, they afford sales professionals the time to enhance their skills, refine sales processes, and attend to other critical aspects, rather than being consumed by the task of boosting the number of SQLs.

On the other hand, an automated virtual assistant brings the much-needed human touch to this equation. These virtual assistants ensure every lead is not just followed up but also nurtured and qualified, ready for the sales team to swoop in and close the deal.

The sales engagement platform manages the bulk of the outreach and follow-ups, while the automated solutions intelligently qualifies and nurtures leads based on past interactions. 

This means your sales team receives pre-qualified leads and can focus their efforts on closing deals rather than sifting through unqualified prospects.

So, there are endless benefits when combining these two tools, but let’s just focus on the main ones.

No lead left behind

Firstly, this duo ensures that no lead is left behind. Oftentimes, sales teams prioritize top-tier leads, leaving lower-tier ones – those not ready to convert but with potential – somewhat neglected. 

Here, an Automated Virtual Assistant equipped with sales engagement capabilities comes into play. It takes on the task of nurturing these ‘colder’ leads, and once they are qualified, hands them over to a live sales rep as a top-tier lead.

Automated Lead Qualification for Proactive Sales

Secondly, this combination enables a proactive approach. By integrating your AI solution with your CRM, new inbound leads can automatically be put through the qualification process. 

This means the software can categorize new leads into relevant cadences based on any criteria like industry, persona, role, etc., instead of waiting for them to be scored as high or low-tier leads. 

In turn, this saves live reps time and boosts efficiency. Once these inbound leads are qualified, the Automated Assistant seamlessly hands them over to the sales rep.

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Save your sales team time and improve efficiency

Augmenting Sales & Marketing Productivity

Finally, this pair enhances sales and marketing productivity. The fusion of technologies that scale your workforce without adding headcount is not just an effective strategy – it’s also cost-efficient. 

With the use of advanced technology such as automation and artificial intelligence, organizations can increase ROI, improve operational efficiency, and boost productivity in unprecedented ways.

Scale Your Lead to Opportunity Conversion Rate​

Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) are potential customers who have been vetted and deemed ready for the next stage in the sales process – becoming a bona fide sales opportunity.

The journey from being a lead to becoming an SQL and eventually an opportunity requires strategic nurturing and follow-ups. This is where Exceed AI steps in. automates the process of reaching out to leads, following up with them, qualifying them, and finally, booking a meeting.

By automating these critical steps, ensures that no lead slips through the cracks and that every potential customer is given the attention they deserve.

The result? A higher lead-to-opportunity conversion rate scales effectively, allowing your sales team to focus on closing deals rather than juggling leads.

Elevate Your Sales Qualified Leads with Exceed AI​

The integration of advanced technologies into your sales process can significantly elevate the number and quality of your Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). 

Whether it’s reaching out to potential customers, following up, qualifying leads, or booking meetings, streamlines these tasks, ensuring efficiency and consistency. 

The result is a higher conversion rate, more opportunities, and ultimately, increased revenue.

With, you’re not just adopting a tool, but a partner that works tirelessly to boost your sales performance.

So, if you’re looking to elevate your SQLs and optimize your sales process book a demo and see Exceed in action.

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