Unghost Your Prospects and Reschedule Meetings [The Smart Way]

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Written by Novakovic Spasimir

Sep 26, 2023

No one likes to be ghosted, in every interaction we have with other humans, its simply not a motivating experience. When it comes to sales it can significantly impact the bottom line.

So how do we unghost prospects in an efficient way?

It’s very common for prospects to simply forget about a scheduled call, often a reminder is all it takes to get them back on track. 

But what about those elusive “ghost” leads who expressed interest and continuously scheduled meetings and didn’t show up, or remain unresponsive to rescheduling attempts

Whatever the reason may be, they may have been busy, or have changed their minds or decided to go with your competitor. 

However, just because communication has stopped doesn’t mean that you won’t ever hear from them again.

Don’t let these missed opportunities go to waste. It’s time to re-engage and deliver your pitch the smart way. 

Discover effective strategies to revive and re-engage with prospects who are ghosting you and turn them into valuable prospects once again.

Let’s start!

What is a ghost lead?

Ghosting occurs when you’ve established communication with a prospect, whether it’s through a phone call, email exchange, or a scheduled meeting, and then suddenly they stop responding to your attempts at contact, seemingly disappearing.

Experiencing ghosting can be both frustrating and disheartening. However, it’s essential to recognize that various factors could contribute to this behavior. 

While it may be disappointing, it’s crucial not to lose sight of the other potential leads who remain open to engaging with your pitch.

How to reschedule a meeting the smart way?

When it comes to rescheduling a meeting, there are a few tactics that can help make the process smoother, scalable and simply more professional. 

A rescheduling attempt in an intelligent and thoughtful way can help avoid misunderstandings and build stronger professional relationships.

The follow-up(s) fatigue when un-ghosting leads

Let’s begin by revisiting the traditional methods before delving into a more strategic approach.

First and foremost, always follow up with leads that have ghosted you. Usually, this is done by sending individual follow-up emails to those no-shows

This involves setting reminders and emailing the lead to request a new meeting. It may require persistence until you receive a definitive response, which is time-consuming and often falls short in effectiveness.

Another option is reaching out via a phone call. However, it’s important to find the right balance between persistence and intrusiveness. How many calls can be made before it becomes unwelcome?

Lastly, you can return the lead to a nurturing phase through marketing efforts. While this has its merits, it may not result in the prompt rescheduling you desire.

Efficient lead follow-up goes beyond simple courtesy calls. It is a strategic approach that can significantly impact conversion rates and revenue.

The solution is automation with AI.

By utilizing AI-driven automation capabilities, businesses can streamline lead management, promptly respond to lead inquiries, nurture relationships, and accurately identify the most promising prospects.


unghost leads - ai follow up - reschedule meetings - reschedule meetings manually - reschedule meetings the smart way

Reschedule meetings the smart way – Use AI


What to consider before re-scheduling

Conventional methods of re-engaging and trying to re-schedule a meeting with a prospect who is ghosting you are not only time-consuming but also lack effectiveness.

The answer lies in a smarter approach that addresses essential questions:

  • How can you successfully re-establish contact with an unresponsive lead?
  • How do you pursue a lead without appearing overly eager?
  • How do you prevent investing valuable time in leads that show no interest?
  • How can you ensure you never miss a necessary follow-up?
  • What’s the most compelling manner to request another meeting?

So, what’s the intelligent way to achieve this? Again, through AI and automation.

Introducing Exceed’s “Meeting No-Show” cadence – automatically sends the prospect an alternative time to meet. 

This effective method of automating repetitive, error-prone tasks with an AI virtual assistant allows your sales reps to focus on what they do best… talking to prospects and closing deals.

Unghost your leads with Exceed AI

Save time and eliminate the frustration of chasing after leads that are ghosting you. 

With the help of our AI-powered virtual assistants and the meticulously designed templates and playbook, the burden of chasing leads is effectively lifted from your shoulders.

For those not yet acquainted with Exceed.ai, it’s a conversational AI platform designed to automate conversations with leads across email, chat, and SMS. 

Exceed.ai excels in following up with leads, assessing their qualifications, and even booking sales calls. The platform’s AI capabilities enable it to scrutinize lead responses and respond with the most fitting messages.

Moreover, leveraging Exceed’s playbook brings forth a new era of efficiency through smart automation, allowing you to:

  • Automate the follow-up process and reclaim your time.
  • Pursue leads persistently until receiving a definitive response.
  • Bid farewell to the need for manual reminders.
  • Eliminate the headaches associated with scheduling meetings; Exceed takes charge of that.
  • Allocate your efforts towards responsive leads while Exceed takes care of nurturing the unresponsive ones.

Unghosting leads and transforming them into active engagements has never been this streamlined, thanks to the innovative power of Exceed AI.

The Result: AI-Powered follow-up and rescheduling

Here’s where the magic happens. Your AI assistant takes the reins, reaching out and following up with leads as many times as necessary to secure that rescheduled sales call. 

It’s a hands-off approach that ensures persistent and professional engagement, without any manual intervention.

unghosting lead ai - lead ai conversion - ai for rescheduling meetings - reschedule meetings ai

Rescheduling meetings with AI powered solution


AI affects your sales workflow

How do you navigate the challenges that come with unresponsive leads, pursuing potential clients without seeming overly eager, and ensuring your efforts are invested wisely?

See how we do it.

1. Getting back in touch efficiently

When someone isn’t responding, the answer lies in emails. While a few calls might be warranted, emails provide a professional avenue to persistently request rescheduling without causing discomfort.

2. Elegantly chasing leads

Looking to chase a lead without compromising professionalism? Delegate the pursuit to your AI assistant to effectively nurture and attempt to re-engage.

3. Efficiently prioritizing your efforts

To avoid squandering time on leads that show little to no interest, entrust un-ghosting leads to Exceed.ai. Should a lead re-engage, you’ll find a booked rescheduled meeting seamlessly incorporated into your calendar. 

And, if the lead remains disinterested, not a moment of your valuable time will be wasted.

4. Never Miss a Follow-Up

The challenge of keeping track of follow-ups is tackled head-on by Exceed.ai. 

With meticulously scheduled email follow-ups in place, the AI assistant will automatically initiate contact on the designated date, ensuring timely engagement, especially when a lead requests a deferred conversation.

5. Crafting persuasive communication

When it comes to persuasively requesting another meeting, Exceed.ai has you covered. Utilize Exceed’s A/B testing capabilities to iteratively optimize email copy until you’ve pinpointed the most compelling approach.

Reschedule meetings the smart way – Use AI

Incorporating AI into your sales workflow can reshape your approach, saving time, enhancing professionalism, and ensuring your efforts are streamlined and effective. 

It’s a transformation that allows you to navigate the complexities of sales with confidence and finesse.

By taking advantage of advanced automation technologies like Exceed.ai’s platform, businesses can drive high-performance sales and put powerful insights at their fingertips with every interaction. 

So don’t wait any longer – book a demo now and reap the benefits of incorporating an AI-powered solution into your organization.

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