G Suite Authorization

Why does exceed.ai need permissions to connect my Google account?

exceed.ai is a productivity app that improves the productivity of sales representatives. In order to use the app, exceed.ai will ask for permissions to allow the exceed.ai app to connect to your G Suite data. Without this permission, you will not be able to:


  • Use exceed.ai’s virtual assistants to read, craft and reply to emails on your behalf
  • Use exceed.ai’s virtual assistants to schedule meetings for you with sales prospects on your behalf

The authentication process for Google uses OAuth (a secure authentication method) and requires that you allow exceed.ai to access information and data associated with your account. By design, Google protects users by asking an app like exceed.ai to apply for and then request permission from the user.

What does exceed.ai do with the information it collects?

exceed.ai process information in your emails in order to help you prepare responses to the email senders. In order to do this, exceed.ai needs permission to access the your email inbox. exceed.ai also reads the information in your calendar in order to determine meeting availability and provide meeting time options to your email recipients. In order to do this, exceed.ai needs permission to access your calendar.