New Feature: Turn ‘Wrong Person’ Into a ‘Referred Lead’

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Written by Yaron Ismah-Moshe

Feb 11, 2020

What do you do every time a lead replies that they’re the wrong person to contact?

Do you say “thanks” and end your hunting? 

Do you ignore the response and continue with your lead nurturing

Or do you take the time to get the contact info from the right person in order to add them to your email campaign?

With Exceed, you don’t have to do any of that.

Wrong Person → Right Person

So far, Exceed’s AI SDR platform knows how to handle out of the office and contact me later replies, it knows how to qualify leads and how to answer questions via email and chat.

The latest addition is how to pivot conversations when a lead refers our AI SDR to another person.

AI Assistant converting a wrong person reply into a referred lead

How does it work?

First, your AI SDR engages a contact by email based on one of your email sequences.

Second, the contact responds that they’re not the right person to talk to and refers your AI SDR to another person.

Third, the AI SDR will add the new contact to a ‘referred lead’ sequence and automatically reach out. 

The outreach will include the referring email in the email thread and also cc the referring contact. This will maximize your chances of getting a response.

This way you don’t have to lose out on a prospect or take time away from your other activities — Exceed does it all for you.

Use cases

There are a bunch of use cases where this feature comes in handy, especially:

Account Based Marketing

Find a new, relevant lead within a target account and get a warm intro.

Lead Nurturing

Leads tend to be in nurturing tracks over a long period of time, this is a way to keep your database fresh with relevant leads

Inbound Follow-Up

It often takes between 5-12 follow-ups to get a lead to respond. During the time it takes to send those follow-ups people change roles or hand-over projects to colleagues. Now you don’t have to lose a deal when this happens and can keep on following-up with the new lead.

How do you manage your wrong person replies? Let us know what’s your best tactic.

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