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Written by Yael Darom

Aug 16, 2018

When you’re in an environment where people are excited to work and bring to life new innovative ideas, it’s no surprise that the excitement rubs off on you.

I arrived at nervous that I had to get acclimated to a new group of people, to a new environment, even to a new language.  But when I walked into the office for my internship, the atmosphere felt so warm and welcoming that I felt it very easy to settle in.

The flat hierarchy of the company makes it so that I felt just as comfortable walking up to my mentor, Gina, as I did to the CEO, Ilan. If I had a question about the software or was unclear about the implementation of a certain part of the platform, answers were never far. The engineers of the R&D team demonstrated impeccable communication, explaining AI algorithms and platform workflows with ease and comfort.

The open-shared workspace made it so that at any moment I could walk up to a coworker to say anything from “what’s up?” to “how does the implementation of this new feature work?”. The openness of the company and the ease of communication allows problems to be solved quickly and efficiently, and for people to be on the same page.

Even more than all of this, however, I learned about myself. I learned what it means to work at a company that cares about its customers and directs all of its efforts to solving a customer’s problems and meeting customer needs.

I learned what it means to be dedicated to a company and the service it provides. I learned what it means to be a new start-up and have a vision of market disruption and evolution to drive an industry forward.

As an intern, I had the opportunity to build’s customer facing blog, community and help center.

Receiving full ownership of the project allowed me to make it my own and allowed me to learn at my own pace and stop to read about the technology, customer pain points, and providing value to customers.

Learning about the mountain of marketing tools available to businesses showed me that has a valuable product. I learned that the need for automating and using machine intelligence for menial tasks is high and necessary for the progression of companies who wish to stay relevant in the intellectual age.

As with all good things, however, there must be an end. Concluding my summer at is melancholy but exciting that I can take what I learned with me to my next stages in school, in my career and beyond.

Daneil Galibov

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