Stop Wasting Your Marketing Qualified Leads

Automate your lead conversion journey into sales ready meetings

Never miss a qualified opportunity

Stop wasting sales’ time on unqualified leads

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    Intelligent Automation for Marketing and Sales helps marketers boost their SQL conversion rates through the roof – and here is how:

    Our AI-assistant works alongside your team and engages with every incoming lead, attends to every inquiry and qualifies your leads at scale, in real-time with a personalized human-like, two-way conversations over Email, Website Chat, and SMS.

    When qualified leads are ready to talk to sales, the Assistant automatically, loops in sales and books a meeting or demo.

    Exceed impacted their business.
    It could impact yours too.



    Increase in Productivity

    “Exceed allows us to increase productivity by 35% by focusing on closing deals instead of wasting time on repetitive tasks and chasing unqualified leads”

    Yoav Shetrit

    Sales Team Manager


    More sales-ready leads

    “Exceed is helping us increase sales-ready leads by 25%. Our team was able to talk only to qualified buyers, who were ready to meet and complete their purchase”

    Aaron Wood

    Chief Strategist



    Increase in achieved sales quotas  

    “Exceed helped us to amplify our pipeline and scale our customer experience, ensuring that every lead is getting touched. With Exceed we’ve managed to hit 109% of our sales goals

    John Dering

    Sr. Director, ABM and Marketing Technology

    Disrupting sales and marketing
    unit economics

    We built a new way to scale your sales funnel. And it’s making a significant difference to our customers. 
    See why they named us a leader on G2!

    Best ROI Sp21

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      Never miss a marketing lead again

      Increase MQL closing rates without adding headcount

      AI-Powered Assistant

      Automate lead follow-up & engagement with 2-way human-like email & SMS conversations

      Website Chatbot

      Convert website visitors into qualified leads, and schedule meetings for your team

      AI Lead Qualification

      Automatically ask qualifying questions and pass sales ready leads to your team

      Meeting Scheduler

      Automatically schedule qualified meetings for your reps over chat, SMS and email 

      What can I do with

      Common playbooks used by marketing teams 

      Qualify Leads At Scale

      Qualify more leads into sales opportunities

      Augment your qualification process with AI by automatically asking qualification questions over email, chat and SMS. Stop wasting time on non-revenue generating tasks.

      • Up to 2X sales qualified leads
      • Reduce your cost of acquisition by 75%

      Book Meetings & Demos

      Book more qualified meetings

      Your AI assistant will schedule meetings using automated, personalized and contextual responses and follow ups. Optimize your sales rep time by eliminating tedious back and forth communications.

      • Up to 3X more meetings scheduled
      • Reps spend 63.4% of their time doing non-revenue tasks

      Winback Neglected Leads

      Nurture existing leads to maximize your investment

      Revive, re-engage and nurture neglected leads from your CRM with human like conversations to maximize your marketing efforts and lower CAC.

      • Maximize your marketing investment
      • Never miss a lead again

      Webchat Bot

      Convert more website visitors to qualified leads

      Increase your website visitor engagement and deliver real-time, relevant, personalized experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

      • 7.5% increase in conversion rate
      • Increase the quality of top-funnel leads

      Event Follow-Up

      Maximize your ROI on virtual events & webinars

      Let your AI assistant be in the trenches to engage and nurture your leads with human like conversations, over email, chat and SMS. Every lead is followed-up with and qualified meetings are scheduled for your sales reps.

      • 10% more post-event qualified meetings
      • Increase post-event engagement

      Customer Renewals

      Automate renewal process to keep revenue stream flowing

      Your AI assistant is dedicated to managing renewal and upsell conversations. Easily automate and scale your customer renewal process and identify who needs a human touch.

      • Reduce churn
      • Optimize your CSM productivity

      Empower your revenue teams to engage at scale 

      Align sales & marketing efforts to accelerate growth

      For Marketing Teams

      Engage, nurture & qualify leads at scale and schedule more meetings for your sales reps.

      For Sales Teams

      Exceed’s AI assitant frees your Sales Reps to focus on what they do best — closing deals.

      For Marketing Teams

      Go beyond personalization and never miss a qualified opportunity again.

      For Sales Teams

      Exceed’s AI assitant frees your Sales Reps to focus on what they do best — closing deals.

      A Path to Better Marketing and Sales Alignment

      Immediate and persistent follow-up ensures that good leads won’t be ignored and that Sales won’t waste time on unqualified leads.

      Seamlessly Integrates with your Workflow

      Connect Exceed to the major CRMs, marketing automation and sales automation platforms with just a few clicks.

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