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Written by Yael Darom

Jan 13, 2020

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful – and effective – way to stay in touch with customers and reach out to prospects. It’s used to promote your business, your products, and to build relationships.

Things have changed since the first email was sent nearly 50 years ago. Now, 54% of all emails are spam. The average office worker receives more than 120 new emails each day and has more than 200 sitting in their inbox. There’s no doubt it can be a challenge. Out of all those emails, the average clickthrough rate is a paltry 3.1%.

It takes a lot to break through that clutter.

However, it’s worth the effort. Email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. It’s cost-effective and cheaper than most other forms of marketing. It’s highly measurable and it’s easy to test and optimize. Most importantly, it works. Forrester Research revealed that 85% of U.S. marketers say email marketing is one of their most effective tactics when it comes to customer acquisition.

We’ve assembled some of our favorite tools to test the quality of your marketing email copy before sending them out. Test them out and let us know what you think.

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5 Best Email Copywriting Tools – Our Choice

1. Subject Line Analyzer

Your email subject line is one of the most important things you’ll create. If it’s not strong enough to elicit a click to open, the body of the email is immaterial.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Capitalize My Title’s Headline Analyzer
    This free tool will test your subject lines for readability and SEO (which you can ignore for emails) while highlighting “weasel words” which obscure meaning.
  • Co-Schedule Subject Line Tester
    Co-Schedule’s free tool will highlight positive and negative words that impact open rates and provides suggestions for optimizing character and word count. You’ll need to provide your email address and company name to get the results.
  • Zurb Test Subject
    Sender addresses and subject lines may be truncated when viewed on mobile devices. This can be an issue since 46% of emails are viewed on mobile.   This free tool previews how your email will look on various devices, including iPhones and Samsung Galaxy.

2. Emotional Marketing Analysis

More than 293 billion emails are sent and received every day. The majority get deleted before ever being read. One of the most effective ways to improve your open rate is to deploy emotional triggers. We have found that scoring your subject line’s for EMV (Emotional Marketing Value) can help.

  • Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer
    Advanced Marketing Institute’s free tool will check for the emotional pull of your subject line. It will evaluate it for intellectual, empathetic, and spiritual emotional triggers. It provides a score and shows how your subject line ranks compared to top performers.

3. Analyze the Quality of Your Email

Once you get people to open your email, the next step is to write compelling copy that encourages recipients to act. There’s a way to test your email to make sure the text is actionable. Although it is not free to use, this is one of our favorite tools for evaluating campaigns.

  • Email Quality Check
    Email quality check from Reply uses artificial intelligence fueled by data from 10 million emails and evaluates your text based on 5 key parameters that affect reply rates. It offers suggestions to improve your text.

Email copy optimization tools

Email copy optimization tools

4. Email Spam Scoring Tool

You’ve crafted a great subject line and a high-quality email that should get a reply and it never makes it into your target customer’s inbox. Instead, it’s flagged as spam and sent to the junk folder or, even worse, quarantined.

Use these tools to test the “spamminess” of your email before you send it out. Both tools will provide you with an email address where you send the content of your email.

  • Mail Tester
    Mail Tester is free and will test your email against common spam filter settings, show where you might get blacklisted, and offer improvements.
  • Glock Apps
    Glock Apps will analyze your text for free and provide you with a quick look at how it would test against spam filters. However, you will be required to sign up for an account to view the full results.

5. Optimize Scheduling

There are a lot of studies and opinions on the best days and times to send an email. The common wisdom is that the best time to send email to get a response are at 10 am and the best days are Thursday and Sunday. What works best for your business, your industry, and your target customers, however, can vary greatly. It will likely take some trial and error. It’s important to test various campaigns to see what works best for you.

When it comes to scheduling, here’s a tool we like.

  • Boomerang for Gmail
    If you’re using Gmail, Boomerang is a great tool to automatically schedule delivery for optimum times. Add the extension to your Gmail account, click the Send Later button and you can schedule your email to deliver on specific days and times. You can also use it to set up follow-ups, autoresponders, and even add an AI-enhanced assistant to help you write better emails. It’s free to send up to 10 email messages a month, or you can sign up for a paid account to send unlimited messages.
  • Right Inbox 
    Another great tool to use if you’ve a Gmail account is Right Inbox. Write awesome emails in Gmail as you always do and schedule your emails to be delivered at just the right time for recipients. One of the best things about Right inbox is the timezone support. Right Inbox has time zone support built-in so you don’t need to start searching and counting when determining the timing of your scheduled email.

Proven Ways to Improve Your Email Results

The five strategies have been proven to increase open rates and responses.

  1. Open with a strong subject line
  2. Use emotional triggers that evoke a response
  3. Send quality emails with a strong call to action
  4. Avoid getting caught in spam filters
  5. Optimize your schedule

Using these tools can increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns. 

Let AI Do the Email Sending

Using the power of AI-enhanced assistants, exceed.ai can follow-up and qualify 100% of your leads with automated, human-like, 2-way conversations over email and chat. So once you have your copy perfected, you use AI assistants to engage leads and respond to replies, no matter how many. Request a demo today to find out more.

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