Focus on Closing Deals,

Not Chasing Leads

Our AI sales assistant automates lead engagement, qualification and meeting scheduling – giving your sales team more opportunities and more selling time.

Increase Each Sales Rep’s Available Selling Time

Imagine if each of your reps had a virtual assistant automating the repetitive and error-prone tasks related to engaging leads.

These virtual assistants work according to your sales playbook, email and qualify leads, answer questions & follows-up as needed. Once a lead is ready to talk, your rep takes over.

Exceed’s AI assistant frees your sales reps to focus on what they do best – closing deals.

    AI Sales Assistants:
    The Fastest Way to Scale Your Sales

    The status quo is to hire more in order to scale – an expensive activity with endless onboarding.

    Exceed turns scaling into an inexpensive, efficient process. Your reps no longer waste time on unqualified leads or repetitive email exchanges.

    AI-Powered Conversations

    Your AI assistant understands lead responses and replies with the right message.

    Meeting No-Show Follow-Up

    Automate follow-up and rescheduling for ghosting and meeting no-show leads with a click.

    Out-Of-Office Follow-Up

    Your AI assistant automatically follows-up at the right time, freeing up to four hours per week, per rep.

    Meeting Scheduling

    Your AI assistant schedules meetings into your rep’s calendar once a lead is qualified.

    AI-Powered Qualification

    Your AI assistant asks qualifying questions and hands-over leads based on their answers.

    Lead Re-Engagement

    Exceed gives you the added capacity necessary to scale engagement and find more qualified leads.
    It has more than paid for itself by generating a record number of pre-qualified leads for our sales team.

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    Harold T.

    Partner & COO