ChannelSight Scaled Lead Qualification 2X, [€200,000+ per Quarter]

Written by Yael Darom

Feb 1, 2020


Sales Qualified Leads


New Revenue


Time Saved

Exceed helped us get more with less, and we would highly recommend Exceed to any organization that wants to scale their lead generation, nurturing, and qualification and maximize the ROI on their marketing investment.


Mark Gilroy, Business Development Rep at ChannelSight




ChannelSight is a leading Where-to-Buy solution provider, that works with global brands across 50+ markets, transforming the online shopping experience for consumers. ChannelSight’s Where-to-Buy technology integrates with content across all digital channels, helping customers jump straight to an approved retail partner to complete their purchase instantly. It creates a frictionless buying journey for customers while giving brands actionable marketing intelligence.

“We basically help brands build call-to-action buttons on any digital asset and track the customer journey to conversion in the retailer’s store,” explains Mark Gilroy, Business Development Rep at ChannelSight.


The challenge

In reaching their target personas, ChannelSight works through a myriad of marketing channels including inbound, outbound and lead generation activity with third-party publishers. Following up and qualifying leads from all these channels creates a significant workload for the SDR team. To ensure no opportunity is missed, ChannelSight needed a solution that would automate customer interactions to move leads through the sales funnel.

“We have a large volume of leads that need to be followed up with every day. The problem for us is with the workload we have on our plates, it just isn’t feasible to manually engage with every lead and hit our targets. There isn’t enough time in the day.” Mark said.


    “One thing that Exceed helped us do is to engage more with leads. If we know that there is interest there, we can target them very easily with a personalized nurture track through Exceed to qualify and get them on to a demo,” Mark revealed.

    “In addition, we had many leads in our CRM that hadn’t been touched for a long time. We used Exceed to re-engage with these leads. This has freed up time for us to focus our efforts on higher value leads, while not missing out and finding sales opportunities from lower value leads.”

    Exceed also has a significant impact on the marketing side of things. Mark explains: “Exceed gives us the opportunity to engage with leads in a more personal way. We can tailor the content we share with them, so it’s more relevant to their industry.”

    “For some leads, those that made us wonder if they were the right target, we used a soft approach with Exceed asking them,“Can you point us in the right direction?” or “Can you direct us?” Exceed understood these responses and we got really good leads as a result,” Mark disclosed. “Exceed also followed up in a timely manner on leads that asked to be contacted later or were out of the office, helping us maximize the number of opportunities that we were getting.”

    The ChannelSight team estimates that it saves about 20% of the time spent on lead qualification and nurturing, helping the team to intelligently engage 2X the leads compared to the number that they engaged prior to using Exceed.

    In addition, Exceed has provided a direct ROI. “In the first 3 months, Exceed provided opportunities to the value of €200,000 and another 15 good potential conversations that are likely to become opportunities within the next few months. One of the opps that was generated through Exceed is likely to become a large deal, so we can definitely see the direct ROI.” Mark said.

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