SugarCRM Users Can Now Utilize Exceed’s AI Assistant to Automate Lead Engagement

Written by Yaron Ismah-Moshe

Feb 10, 2021

We are very excited to announce our newest integration and partnership with SugarCRM! Through this integration, Sugar CRM customers can leverage artificial intelligence and automation to ensure all their leads are properly nurtured, qualified, and handed over to a sales rep; allowing your reps to focus solely on qualified leads.

With integration, SugarCRM customers will be able to reduce the time wasted chasing unqualified leads, and allow Exceed’s Automated AI assistant to run autonomously in the background to find sales-ready leads and book meeting for your sales team using AI-powered two-way E-mail, Website chat and SMS (TextAI) conversation.

Based on how the lead responds, and the information available in their email, Exceed will automatically update SugarCRM with the latest lead status such as when leads are qualified, change jobs, not interested, leave the company, aren’t the right person, or ask to be contacted at a later time. This will allow your reps to focus on closing deals.

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    Quick Integration Process:

    Integrating Exceed with your SugarCRM is a quick process that allows you to simply synchronize all the lead information stored within your SugarCRM, into Exceed, ensuring no valuable information is left behind.


    For a step by step guide to integrate into your SugarCRM click here .



    Our data has shown, that our customers who have integrated on average, have realized:


    • 3x more SQLs without adding headcount
    • 35% increase in rep productivity
    • 19.5% increase in quota attained
    • 25% more qualified leads handed over to sales


    “As a customer of Exceed, we are pleased with the demand generation and pipeline creation results that it delivers.  Even better, our customers are now able to also use the most advanced automation and AI tools in their lead engagement funnel too”

     – Clint Oram, Chief Strategy Officer of SugarCRM.


    About Sugar CRM

    SugarCRM’s sales, marketing, and service software helps companies deliver a high-definition customer experience. Sugar gives teams the customer data they need to achieve a clear view of the customer and reach new levels of business performance, predictability, and increase in customer lifetime value.

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