Product Announcement: Improved Chat and Email Sequences + New Microsoft Azure Integrations


Written by Yaron Ismah-Moshe

Apr 10, 2021

There’s no question that conversational AI is one of the leading transformative technologies that will have a positive and profound effect on the future workforce; and Exceed is proud to maintain its position as a leading provider of this technology. As our two-way Chat and Email conversational capabilities expand, we have decided to make some changes to enhance how you can manage these products.

Chat & Email Sequences will now be entirely separate


Website visitors who did not interact with your Chat bot while visiting your site will no longer appear under your Contacts page, instead they will be counted as visitors within your sequence report. 

Chat sequences that require a lead to be followed up with via Email, will now be split into two separate sequences, one that is Chat, and a separate one for Email:

  • The original Chat sequence that the lead originated from, will maintain its position as a Chat Sequence, and a new Email sequence will be created using a new workflow that will automatically create an Email sequence titled <Name of the chat sequence> – Email Follow Up.
  • Leads that have provided an email address while in the original Chat sequence, will automatically be added into this new Email sequence, to continue their customer journey over Email correspondence.
  • We’ve added two additional sub-statuses for a lead that has been engaged with over Chat. When a lead provides an Email address they will be marked as Email Collected, and when they provide a phone number, they will be labeled as Phone Collected. Both of these will be under the “Engaged” lead status. Furthermore, leads in Chat sequences will only be considered unresponsive if they engaged with the Chat bot, but did not proceed to provide any additional information.

Through these Chat and Email sequence enhancements you will now have greater control over how you categorize and engage with your leads, as well as manage your lead engagement workflow, allowing you to save time, and increase efficiency.

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    Microsoft Teams + Azure SMAL SSO integration

    Using Microsoft Teams as part of your workflow? No problem! Exceed can now auto-generate a unique Microsoft Teams meeting URL.

    Exceed also now allows you to use your Azure Active Directory to control how users are logging into Exceed. By using the Azure SAML application, users in your organization can use their Microsoft credentials to log-in to Exceed which allows you to further control and manage your organization’s ability to access your Exceed account.

    To get started using Azure SMAL as well as a step-by-step integration guide click here.

    At we never settle, and are excited to continue to provide you with new and innovative capabilities, integrations, and features. For more information on upcoming product releases, partnerships, as well as additional resources to help you maximize ROI using Exceed’s Automated AI tools, visit our resources page.

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