How Not To Prospect On LinkedIn


Written by Ilan Kasan

Co-founder and CEO at

Mar 10, 2018


I get several unsolicited messages on LinkedIn a week and I personally have no issue with that. It is the new way of selling. Twenty years ago, people knocked on your door. Today, they knock on your inbox.

Recently I got this LinkedIn message from someone I don’t know with whom I recently connected with:

Thanks for connecting Ilan
You have got an impressive profile. I found synergies in the work we both do.
I want to introduce our company and understand how we can add value to your organization. When do you suggest we can connect on call?

The person found synergies in the work we both do and, apparently can add lots of value to my company. It’s an offer I cannot refuse 🙂

I just wish I knew what the synergies are and value he can provide. Not one word about what his company does, it benefits, their value proposition and why he is contacting me.

What did he expect? That I research him, and his company and then beg him to meet?

I responded (believe it or not) but will keep what I said to myself. He did not win my business 🙂

When sending a cold email or message always start with Why  What….and maybe how!

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