exceed.ai Update: Improved Sales Playbook


Written by Ilan Kasan

Co-founder and CEO at Exceed.ai.

Apr 12, 2018

Have more meaningful conversations with your leads to drive qualified opportunities. Set up our virtual assistant so that it follows up with the best-suited email in your playbook to push the conversation forward. exceed.ai allows sales teams to qualify more opportunities into the pipeline by automating lead capturing, qualifying and nurturing. exceed.ai’s AI-powered sales assistant engages leads with intelligent two-way personalized conversations over email (inbound and outbound) and chat.You can now control how conversations flow with your leads.  For example, if a user responds “yes” to a call-to-action that reads “Would you like to learn more about how we can assist you with your case?”, you can decide whether to hand it over to a human rep or follow up with a question to learn more information before qualifying them.playbook_demo_exceedaiExample of mapping a guided conversation when a contact responds positively or negatively to the call to action in your email.

Read more about what exceed.ai can do for your company here: Scheduling MeetingsPersonalizing EmailsUploading ContactsAutomatic Handover of Leads.

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