CBORD Triples Sales Qualified Leads while Reducing the Cost of Acquisition by 79%

Written by Yarin Hochman

Feb 17, 2020


Sales Qualified Leads


New Revenue


Hours Saved

Exceed enabled us to increase our outreach without increasing our costs exponentially during these hectic times.


Sol Flamberg Director of Sales Operations at CBORD Horizon



CBORD Horizon powers access, card, foodservice, housing, and nutrition management systems for healthcare, higher education, and business campuses.

“We provide educational institutions and hospitals with nutrition software and systems, helping organizations reduce food waste. They can create menus feeding patients food that they like that is also healthy” explains Sol Flamberg, Director of Sales Operations at CBORD Horizon.

The challenge- Scaling Engagement and Outreach Efforts

In pursuit of their target accounts, CBORD uses various methods that focus on demand generation drip campaigns: email outreach, blog post content, webinar invitations. These are designed to identify and qualify target accounts. They source data from multiple sources such as Definitive Healthcare or LinkedIn Sales Navigator in order to target potential buyers, then aim to determine the maturity and willingness of a lead through inbound marketing.

Following up and qualifying leads created a significant workload for the SDR team. To ensure no opportunity was missed, CBORD looked for a solution that would automate outreach to leads, enabling them to scale their manual efforts without increasing costs exponentially.

“In a single day, a human SDR would contact approximately 18-25 contacts mostly by email, and would get very little response.” says Sol.


Ready to see Excced in Action?


    The company started using Exceed during the COVID-19 global pandemic, as significant parts of their industry were hit (education, healthcare). Despite the uncertainty, CBORD onboarded and began using Exceed in less than 2 weeks with great support from the team.

    “Initially, our team was skeptical about the solution, but very quickly they found it beneficial. Exceed enables our SDRs to qualify leads in advance by following up on old leads that went cold, outreach to new ones, and get responses. They then only respond to engaged leads, which creates a significantly better experience as they don’t waste precious time dealing with rejection and irrelevant contacts.“

    “Using Exceed, we’ve managed to significantly scale and increase our business opportunities during these troubled times,” said Sol.

    “One of the features I like the most is the AI’s ability to persistently contact prospects while they’re away. Exceed particularly proved its value during the COVID-19 outbreaks as many of our prospects were unavailable due to hospital overruns and shutdowns. Exceed kept following up, scheduling, and offering value in order to engage and qualify leads, where a human SDR wouldn’t be able to”.

    “As a result, we were delighted to hear from customers that we had never heard from previously as we were able to cover much more ground thanks to Exceed”.

    “In Q2, we generated through Exceed thirty-two (32) sales qualified leads. It was incredibly impressive, as it boosted our efforts by roughly 3X, also keep in mind that this is a niche area in the middle of a global pandemic.”

    “In terms of ROI these translated into an estimated additional $320,000 in revenue opportunity!

    “The cost per SQL with Exceed was $293 which is significantly cheaper than the $1400 cost per sales qualified lead using a human SDR”. 

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