Turn your leads into sales opportunities

Engage, follow-up and nurture every lead with intelligent, automated, 1:1 conversations

How do you qualify your leads?

For most companies:

  • Sales or SDRs manually contact the “hot” leads – ignore the rest
  • Contact as many leads as possible – with little or no qualification
  • Leads go straight to nurturing – wait for them to self-qualify

Your success depends on making the most of your marketing spend. If you can’t qualify all your leads, you’re leaving money on the table. But the most effective lead qualification tactic – engaging in personal, human conversations, is hard to scale.

This is where Exceed comes in.

Creating marketing & sales happiness

Whether lead acquisition, funnel optimization or database marketing, being fast and dependable is a necessity. By automating repetitive tasks like lead follow-up, qualification and scheduling, marketing can engaged every lead and fill the sales pipeline.

100% of leads followed-up

Top, middle or bottom of the funnel, every lead is guaranteed to get the number of timely follow-ups they need. Exceed’s AI assistant contacts, follows-up and qualifies every lead so your sales team focus on closing deals.

Get more ROI for your marketing spend

Acquiring leads was just the start. Starting a conversation with them and moving them down the funnel is an equally important part of your growth strategy.

Qualify inbound & outbound leads

Do you know that the average lead response time is 42 hours* and 78% of buyers purchase from the first responder*? Exceed’s AI assistant immediately contacts leads as they come in, asking and answering questions and booking sales meetings.

Nurture & reactivate leads in your CRM

How many sales have your made to nurtured and dormant leads? Exceed’s human-like AI assistant gives you the power to engage leads that your sales team isn’t touching in real sales conversations at scale.

A powerful way to grow your bottom line

Exceed automates & accelerates your lead conversion funnel. 

Convert leads by AI email & chatbot

Acquire and convert leads with AI that analyzes lead intent and responds with the right message.

Automate lead follow-up

Whether a 1000 leads or 10 million, never miss out an opportunity due to too few follow-ups.

Schedule meetings for sales

Don’t lose leads at the last step. Automatically schedule meetings into your reps’ calendars.

Easy integration with your tools

Painless CRM & marketing automation integration. Sync data and trigger campaigns.

Customize to suit your use cases

No one size fits all. Create converting campaigns for different uses cases within your funnel.

Best practices support

Sometimes you need extra help. Our success team is here for you every step of the way.

“With Exceed.ai, we are able to generate 2x more qualified leads – allowing us to focus on talking to prospects and closing deals instead of chasing leads.”

Niall O’Gorman

– Chief Commercial Officer, ChannelSight

Exceed G2 Top Performer Conversational MarketingThe Top Rated Conversational Marketing Platform on G2

Exceed gets the top score, 4.9/5 stars from verified users

“Sales and Lead Follow-up Simplicity”

– Nathan, Marketing Manager

“Exceed.ai has dramatically improved our new lead response time and increase our lead to meeting conversion rates”

– Logan, Business Development

“The GOAT – Best AI Platform on the market today”

– Nicole, Chief Strategist

“Exceed.ai has a very measurable ROI and after 2-3 month it was clear it is here to stay.”

– Rafael, Co-founder & CEO

“Exceed.ai allowed us to touch double the number of leads than we usually would have in a month.”

– Omer, Co-founder & CEO

“We didn’t have to worry about setting up meetings manually, or leads dropping off when a meeting needed to be scheduled”

– Sagee, CEO

Ready to convert more of your leads into sales?

Exceed is not just automation, it’s your path to growth